Olympic torch at Callanish stone circle

The Olympic torch arrived at the Callanish stone circle on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, yesterday.

I like the photo below very much, taken at dawn with the piper in the background. (Photo is from the BBC website.)

And check out this video of the torch-bearer at Callanish, also from the BBC.

For those of us who have not seen the Callanish stones in person, the video gives a sense of the size, and particularly the height, of the standing stones. And I can't be the only OUTLANDER fan who wondered, watching this, what would have happened if the torch-bearer had run into that circle of stones....and vanished! <g> (Yikes! But it's getting close to the summer solstice, after all.)

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Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

Very cool! I would have loved to go there on my trip, but it's so far off the beaten path!

Have a great time on yours - you must be so excited!! It's coming right up!

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