Will there be a Book 9?

Diana Gabaldon made a couple of Very Interesting comments on Twitter in the last 24 hours.

In reply to someone who asked if there will be a Book 9, Diana said,

"Oh, I'm pretty sure there will be. <g>"

And when I reacted to that, Diana said,

"Well, the book (MOBY, I mean) is starting to Take Shape, to the point that I _almost_ know where it ends. And there's More."

I'm not surprised, but I'm very glad to hear this, as I'm sure many of you are!

I thought those of you who are not on Twitter would want to know. <vbg> It's not official yet, but it sounds like the prospect of a Book 9 is getting more certain all the time.


Cari said...

A "trilogy of trilogies" - yay!

Though I wouldna object to a "quadrilogy of trilogies" or a "quadrilogy of quadrilogies". ;-)

Cristina H said...

I agree with Cari, I remember your saying "trilogy of trilogies". I also recall a title mentioned somewhere years ago "King, Farewell". That would be a great title for Book 9 (if that's the last one!).

JustHeather said...

Woohoo, great news! Thanks for sharing with us.

(It is so hard to read the captcha images and text. It so far has taken me 3 tries to just get this through.)

Karen Henry said...


Sorry you're having difficulty with the CAPTCHA codes. That's an anti-spam measure, and I don't have any control over the way Blogger chooses to implement it.

By the way, I did see that you'd left 4 or 5 separate comments. :-) So apparently you are doing it correctly. Please remember that all comments here must be approved by me before they are posted, so there may be a delay of a few hours between the time you post a comment and the time it appears on the blog. Before you assume that your comment has not gone through, please allow a few hours for me to see and approve it. I try to approve the comments as soon as I see them, but it may not happen instantly. Thank you.


Christiane said...

Hello Karen ! Book 9 ?!!! GREAT ! best news of the day, thanks for sharing.

AleksandraZ said...

You are an angel, Karen!
Thank you for the good news

Alice said...

I would not mind seeing these books go indefinaly, there are so many different story lines, like Bree and Roger, and don't forget young Jemmy there starts a whole new series of books.. but there are so many people in her books who could be made into quite a few new series..just my thoughts..

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