How would you describe the series?

Diana Gabaldon asked the following question on her Facebook page yesterday:
OK. We're starting to work on the flap copy for WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEARTS BLOOD. This is always tricky, because we have to come up with copy that will say _something_ halfway relevant about the book/series _and_ lure new readers into at least flipping the pages, _and_ do that in about 300 words. (Well, say 100 words to describe the series, 200 for the plot of MOBY.)

So I thought I'd ask: what would _you_ tell a friend that you wanted to hook on the books?
Here's my own answer to that question. It's the best description I can come up with for the OUTLANDER series as a whole.
A highly entertaining roller-coaster ride through 18th-century history, with unforgettable characters, the OUTLANDER series is an epic adventure that touches on virtually every aspect of the human condition.  Whatever you're looking for -- history, sex, warfare, time-travel, medicine, murder, witchcraft, and much, much more! -- you'll find it in these books. Diana Gabaldon’s prose is richly evocative, often lyrical, and filled with warmth and humor. She brings the past to life with fascinating historical details, intricate plots, and characters so vividly portrayed that they seem like real people.
What about the rest of you? How would YOU describe the series, to someone who knows nothing about Diana Gabaldon or her books?

(P.S. The photo above shows my own OUTLANDER book collection.)


Cheryl M said...

This is a very addicting series about a family through their past, present, and past again. I have read this entire series three times and it never bores me, I'm sure I will read it again and again. The details that Diana embellishes her story with make the characters come alive and will draw you into the story.

risingsun9365 said...

I have described the series to people several times by telling them that the books cover several generes. from love, romance, action, history, time travel, travel, mystery, love, hate, rebellion, adventure, education. I truly believe that these books have something for EVERYONE

I have read the entire series 3 times, and have downloaded it on Audible books and have lisgtened to it twice. I can never get enough of it.

Anonymous said...

Diana's Outlander Series has set such a high standard that it literally ruined my desire to read other authors in this genre. I have read the entire series three times and count the days until her next book is published. The reader becomes so deeply involved in the characters that there is physical dread when the last pages are finished. I liken the end of one of her books to losing a friend.

I'm in a book club and am continually reading, however, I've never found a series like Outlander. Her writing is fluent and descriptive and it places you immediately in the scene. I long to take her Scottish tour!

I can't wait for her next book!

Thank you Diana for letting me escape now and then from the harsh realities of life.

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