Most anticipated scenes from 2nd half of Season 1

We still have a long way to go before OUTLANDER Season 1 resumes on April 4th on STARZ.I thought it might be fun to talk about what scenes we're most looking forward to (or dreading!) in the second half of Season 1, as a way to pass the time while we wait.

* * * SPOILER WARNING!! * * *

There are Major Spoilers from OUTLANDER (aka CROSS STITCH) below. If you haven't finished the first book, stop right here, and come back when you're done with the book!









My personal list includes:

- The infamous scene where Jamie takes a strap to Claire, and the argument on the road between them that precedes it.
- The witch-trial, especially Jamie coming to the rescue, and Claire's revelation of where she comes from.
- Jenny and Ian at Lallybroch.
- Jamie at Wentworth, "bargaining for [Claire's] life using the only thing he had left--himself."

I am frankly dreading seeing some of the very emotionally intense scenes toward the end of Season 1 dealing with Wentworth and its aftermath. I have a feeling (and this is just speculation on my part) that it's going to be far more horrific than I have been imagining all these years from reading the books.

What about the rest of you? What scene(s) from OUTLANDER are you most looking forward to seeing in episodes 109-116? Do you plan to avoid the more graphic or emotionally intense scenes?

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Roz said...

I'm looking forward to the part where Claire runs down the hill at Craigh na Dun, back to Jamie waiting in the cottage. I hope they keep Jamie's speech about how he prayed for courage not to beg her to of my most favourite bits of all the books!

Anonymous said...

I would add the scene when Jamie and Claire return to Castle Leoch where Claire assumes Jamie has gone to be with Laoghaire, they fight and then make up. I believe that is a pivotal scene in the development of their relationship. I will watch all of Eps 109-116 even if graphic but probably will not re-watch if too difficult. I cannot re-watch Ep 106: Garrison Commander.

dovepage said...

I pretty much agree with you, those scenes, but I already dreading the Wentworth scenes and doubt that I will watch them. There is only so much brutality to Jamie that I can watch. I know the story, I dont need the brutality visualized. Ya, I'm a wimp. I am also looking f/w to Claire not being able to leave Jamie and returns to him even knowing the future.

Ana said...

When Jamie tells Claire in Lallybroch that he married her out of love. I am waiting for it. And when Claire is jelaous of Laoghaire at Castle Leoch and fight Jamie because of that.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping the writers will go back and capture the conversation about honesty, having nothing but respect between Claire and Jamie. It seemed a missing piece in the Wedding episode.

Wendy said...

Here are mine:

*witch trial rescue and confession to Jamie of who she is
*decision at the stones (and the aftermath)
*Jamie and Jenny's big fight at Lallybroch when they first arrive
*Jamie's confession that he married Claire for love
*Claire and Murtagh on the road looking for Jamie (I am really looking forward to that pairing)
*the jealousy scene back at Leoch

Connie said...

Jamie & Jenny's argument when he returns to Lallybroch and she grabs him by the "stones" to get his attention.

Jenny gives birth to little Maggie.

Jenny & Claire hunt for Jamie.


Unknown said...

All of it! Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Jamie emerging from the water....remember he hid under water to avoid being caught by the red coats.

Cookie7205 said...

I agree with Roz. I am looking forward to the scene in the cottage but I am NOT looking forward to the scenes at Wentworth prison! My stomach turned and my heart ached for Jamie just as it did during the scene where that black hearted bastard Jack Randall flogged Jamie almost to death!

Jessica Lynne @ ProNailTechTraining said...

Along with everything u said I am interested in seeing the scene after Jamie is rescued from Wentworth and the one at the abbey where Claire brings h out of his fever. Both scenes have such little dialogue it will be interesting to see the acting

Anonymous said...

Don't mean to be a 'fuddy duddy', but most likely, a lot of all the best scenes will be edited or not as intense as we would like. Think we are setting ourselves up for disappointment.

Anonymous said...

And in response to an anonymous comment above...when Jaime leaves Claire after arriving at Castle Leoch, he doesn't go to find Laoghaire, he goes to have a wedding ring made for Claire because he hasn't given her one yet, (brings it back to her,) and runs into Loaghaire on the way. He puts his father's ruby ring on her at the wedding I believe....

Unknown said...

First and foremost the scene where she can't go back through the stones and leave him. And then I am hoping/praying they will restore the honesty quote...respect can bear secrets but not lies. Then his homecoming to Lallybroch

Unknown said...

I hope to see Claie and Jaime at the abbey,especially when Claire uses opium and lavender to help Jaime recover. The bath scene is so clear in my mind it feels like it's already been shot. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I agree that seemed a pivotal conversation.

Unknown said...

Two things must be addressed: the importance of a promise and honesty. Claire broke her promise to wait for Jamie, leading to the MacKenzies to storm the castle and save the her and the Clans secrets. This leads the Jamie taking a strap to her, he has to because the Clan demands it.

Secondly, honesty is the crux of Claire & Jamie's relationship. This promise is often revisited throughout the eight books. Thanks!

leaves on the Raney Tree said...

Every scene listed by your readers ran through my mind as though I'd actually watched each one and Jamie and Claire appeared with the Sam's and Cat's faces; whereas in the past as I read the book twice, the characters were physically blurry in my mind, but I heard their voices. What a difference now.Isn't the brain with its memory an amazing piece of work.

Aleta Pahl said...

I remember Sam saying on Twitter or in an interview that he was very excited about how episodes 13-14 came out... so I am wondering what scenes that will be. And cannot wait to see them, as I am for all the next episodes.

Unknown said...

Absolutely love, love this post. When I haven’t been spending my time devouring the books (I’ve just finished A Breath of Snow and Ashes), I’ve been imaging what scenes await us come April. Here’s what I got so far:

My Top Ten Anticipated Scenes:

10. Sending Claire away at the Abbey: “I lie here feeling that I will die without your touch, but when you touch me, I feel as though I will vomit with shame and loathing of myself.”
It’s about as wretched and hopeless as we ever see Jamie and I think, if done correctly, could make the viewers explode in heart wrenching sobs.

9. Jamie, Hamish and the Facts of Life: “’There’s another difference as well,’ he said, carefully not looking upward. ‘Ye may do it face to face, instead of from the back. As the lady prefers.’”
While reading this scene, there was nothing funnier to me than the ex-virgin Jamie saving Hamish future confusion in the art of love. Especially while Claire looks on with straw in her hair and brimming with restrained mirth from her hiding spot. I’m hoping that since they used the horse joke in the Wedding episode that this scene makes it, but since there is no plot development...this scene might not make the episode.

8. Jamie’s Sacrifice at Wentworth: “He was bargaining for my life using the only thing he had left – himself.” Don’t know that there is much more to say after this line. It’s a pivotal scene and in case anyone wasn’t certain Jamie was a hero before…

7. Gellie’s Revelation @ the Witchtrial: “What a pity that I had not seen the vaccination mark on her arm until it was too late!” This is more because I think the revelation truly blows Claire’s mind and I can’t wait to see Catriona act it through. Also, because Gellie being all badass ‘I’m a pregnant witch, b*tches’ is going to be fun to watch.

6. Witch trial / Jamie to the Rescue: “ ‘I draw it in defense of this woman, and the truth,’ he said. ‘If any here be against those two, they’ll answer to me and then God, in that order.’ ” (heart fluttering) Aside from Jamie being a hero (and a thinking one too!), I think this scene has the potential to really solidify the risk to Claire in 1743. Before this, she’s mostly just avoiding Black Jack, still maintaining- to some degree – the mind set that she’s not as vulnerable as women in this time. To some extent, she’s more vulnerable because of her knowledge and forward-thinking ideals. A theme they ought to lock down now as it makes appearances in, well, every book I’ve read so far.

Unknown said...

5. Real Reason: “Jamie… I said… for all she’s a Sassenach bitch… with a tongue like an adder’s… with a bum like a… what does it matter if she’s a f-face like a sh-sheep?” Because there are so many serious declarations of love throughout the series, I love that this first one is light and poignant and something that I think will easily translate on screen.

4. Jenny + Jamie Reunion: “ ‘There’s men as are sensible,’ she said to me, with a wick smile, ‘and beasts as are biddable. Others ye’ll do nothing with, unless ye have ‘em by the bullocks. Now, e can listen to me in a civil way,’ she said to her brother, ‘or I can twist a bit. Hey?” Yup, massive disappointment if Jamie’s ‘stones’ are left unperturbed.

3. Fight before / wife beating / sharing in the aftermath: “I knew that, and I didna hesitate for one second to go into that place after you, even thinking Dougal might be right… I would have killed a dozen men to get to you, Claire.” I’m less interested in the actual beating than in two things that come of it. First, Jamie explaining the history between him and Black Jack. It highlights the risk to Jamie, and therefore Claire. Jamie isn’t just an outlaw, it’s a personal vendetta and Jamie is terrified that if he doesn’t drive home the danger to Claire, his marrying her could get her killed or worse. Second, the fight right after the rescue is really the first time where they’re brutally honest with each other. The fact that they can shout awful things at each other, tear each other apart, and then go on to forgive themselves for their respective wrongs and continue to let each other in? Critical. Without this fight, I don’t think Claire tells Jamie after the witch trial the truth about where she is from.

2. Back at Castle Leoch: “If ye wish, we may live apart – if that’s what ye were trying to say wi’ all yon rubbish about Laoghaire. You need have little more to do wi’me, if that’s your honest choice.” So ripe with emotional investment of Jamie in Claire and vice versa. It should shut those silly “Team Frank” slores up.

1 Craig na dun: I can’t even pick a quote because I think I held my breath from the moment that Jamie asks Claire if she’s a witch to the second he says he’s taking her home to Lallybroch. I hope every bit of it is unchanged from the book but, I’m sure I’ll love it no matter how they portray it.

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