The "extras" on the Season 1 Vol. 2 Collector's Edition

Here are my reactions to the "extras" and special features on the OUTLANDER Season 1 Volume 2 Blu-ray Collector's Edition.

*** S P O I L E R  W A R N I N G ***

There are SPOILERS below, for the deleted scenes and for the extra bits included in the extended edition of Episode 109, "The Reckoning".  Read at your own risk!

The packaging of the Volume 2 Blu-ray Collector's Edition is similar to Volume 1. The two volumes together look good as a matched set. I like the "lenticular" that changes from Black Jack Randall to Claire and Jamie.

Special Features (from Disk 2):

Diana Gabaldon Tours OUTLANDER

We have seen some of this before, but it was fun to see Diana's reaction to visiting "OutlanderWorld" for the first time.  I especially enjoyed her reaction to the armoury.  She was obviously having a lot of fun with the 18th century weaponry!

I liked Diana's comment about BJR's office ("He probably collects prehistoric artifacts"), because this is the sort of thing that only the author would know about him.

The level of detail in the prop department is amazing!

Cast and Crew Table Read

It was interesting to see all the actors in their normal clothes, just sitting around a big table, reading through the scripts. I was surprised to see what a big group it was!  Interesting, also, to see bits of dialogue in the original scripts that we know were changed or omitted in the final version.  (Murtagh's "He needs a woman, not a girl", for example, was changed in the filmed version to "He needs a woman, not a lassie.")

The cast and crew look like they're having a good time.

A Triangle in Time

I thoroughly enjoyed this segment -- all of it!  I love hearing the actors talk about their characters.  And I liked Diana Gabaldon's comment that Claire "really has no role in life [in 1945] except as Mrs. Randall".

I thought Cait's and Tobias's comments about Black Jack Randall were very interesting.  Tobias is exactly right when he says that "the aim [was] to break Jamie psychologically", and I think that came through very clearly, especially in Episode 116.

Weaving Authentic: Making the Fabrics of OUTLANDER 

It was interesting to see how the weaving of a tartan is done with modern machinery.  I think this segment went on a bit too long, though.

Gag Reel

This was a lot of fun!

Deleted Scenes (from Disk 2):

I think Ron Moore's introductory comments before each scene were helpful in providing some context and insight into the reasons why these scenes were deleted.

Episode 110 Deleted Scene

"I'm no stable-boy. I'm the Laird of Lallybroch." Yes, and surely Claire should know that by this time, after all the time they spent on their wedding night talking about Jamie's family!

The scene was well-acted, but I didn't really care for it.

Episode 111 Deleted Scene #1

I have mixed feelings about this scene between Colum and Ned Gowan. They play it very well, but the way the scene is written, it makes Colum out to be much more of a villain than in either the book or the final version of the TV episode.

I also think that this scene doesn't really work as the opening to the episode. I think it's much more effective to do it the way they did in the final version, with the focus entirely on Claire and Geillis's situation.

Episode 111 Deleted Scene #2

This second deleted scene with Colum and Ned is very well-written and well-acted, but I was distracted throughout by Ned's (apparently) broken nose.

I did like Ned's smile when he said, "She got away."

Episode 113 Deleted Scene #1

I was fascinated to see how they dealt with Ian's wooden leg. I had been wondering how the special effects people would handle that. The scene itself is really not necessary, though. It seems intended only to make the point that the father wasn't normally present during childbirth, and I think most viewers are intelligent enough to figure that out for themselves.

Episode 113 Deleted Scene #2

I was intrigued by Ian's comment that "My best days were spent soldiering", especially in view of what we know from the later books, about how he didn't want Young Ian to serve in the army.

Episode 114 Deleted Scene #1

I liked seeing the full scene of Jamie putting on his kilt, and I'm glad they were able to keep at least an abbreviated version of this scene in the final episode.

Episode 114 Deleted Scene #2

The scene with Claire and Murtagh is really wonderful, and I wish they'd left it in.

"If the lad is truly gone, I vow to protect you the rest of my life, just as I swore to Ellen to protect Jamie." Wow. What a terrific line! I had tears in my eyes the first time I watched it.

Episode 109 Extended Edition (from Disk 1):

I love the final version of Episode 109 ("The Reckoning"), as shown on TV, and I was a little reluctant to watch this extended edition at first. But I found that the extra scenes didn't affect my enjoyment of the episode at all.

It's interesting to see the alternate opening scene, but I like the final version, with Jamie's voice-over by the stream, much better. "But there are conditions you'll have to heed" - what kind of way is that to lead into the episode? It's not suspenseful at all, IMHO, and I'm glad they cut that bit.

I didn't care for the added scene with Jamie, Murtagh, Angus, and Rupert. Too much time wasted talking, when they're already inside Fort William, Claire is in danger, and every second counts.

I loved the extra bit at about 8:39 into the episode, where Jamie looks over the wall to see the courtyard and the whipping post below, and has a brief flashback to the flogging, interrupted when Claire screams. I thought that was very effective in illustrating what was going through his mind at that moment, and I wish they'd kept it in.

I liked Rupert's line on arrival at Castle Leoch, dripping with sarcasm as he says, looking around at the deserted courtyard, "It's good to be home, in the loving bosom of those that hold us dear."

"I prefer not to follow behind my wife." "So walk faster." I like this bit.

The little scene with Alec and Mrs. Fitz greeting Jamie is nice, but not necessary.

The extra scene with Jamie and Claire in the bedroom is well-acted, but kind of overkill, IMHO. We can see that Colum was furious; we don't need Jamie to spell it out for us. And we already know that Claire's still mad at Jamie, so there's no need to belabor the point. I actually didn't mind Jamie swearing at Claire in Gaelic. (Apparently what he says is "sgaradh ort", which is something like "eff you". Thanks to Mandy Tidwell for that translation!) He's exasperated and clearly has no idea how to rectify the situation.

I liked the scene with Jamie and Murtagh in the kitchen very much! I wish they'd kept it in.

"What's done is done, lad. It's what ye do next that matters." Good line from Murtagh.

The extra scene with Colum and Jamie talking about clan politics was interesting, but I can see why they cut it. There just wasn't time to include everything.

The scene with Geillis and Jamie came as a surprise to me, and I didn't care for the way she was flirting with him. "You'd be amazed at what my concoctions can do to a body" seems clearly intended as foreshadowing of her poisoning of Arthur Duncan in Episode 110.

The fight between the clansman was dramatic, but not really necessary, so I can see why they cut it. I did like the way Jamie put a stop to it, though.

The scene in the bedroom between Jamie and Claire contains a few extra lines, but they weren't particularly memorable and I can see why they were cut.

Overall, I enjoyed seeing the Extended Edition of this episode, but I still prefer the final version as shown on TV. My recap of Episode 109 is here if you're interested.

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Cybergram said...

...he (Jamie) says is "sgaradh ort", which is something like "eff you"

I wonder then if the phrase above loosely translates, actually, then why did Jamie ask, what does "f---ing" mean? I guess he'd never hear that word, then, right?? Maybe it translates more like "swive" than "f---?"

Just thinking out loud here!!

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