90-minute Season 2 finale to air July 9 on STARZ

Here's some information about the schedule for OUTLANDER's season finale, episode 213, titled "Dragonfly in Amber".

According to the July schedule available on the STARZ website, there will NOT be a new episode of OUTLANDER on Saturday, July 2nd. STARZ will be running a marathon of episodes 201-212 from 12pm-midnight on July 2 instead.

The finale will be 90 minutes long, and it will be shown on STARZ from 9-10:30 pm ET/PT on Saturday, July 9.

Personally I think this is the right decision, not to show the finale over the July 4th holiday weekend in the US. Some of you will recall that they made a similar decision last year, when the final episode of Season 1 was delayed a week because of the Memorial Day holiday in the US.

Please note: this is for the US only! I have no information about the schedule for the season finale in other countries.


Kathy Van Wesep said...

This is wonderful news. I think this season will look even better with binge watching and what better way for us to prepare ourselves for the 90 min finale. I am relieved that they are giving 213 an extra 30 minutes which is needed. I have to say, that other than The Fox's Lair (which was the worst episode this season primarily because our characters were out of character and the Laoghaire insertion was contrived) Season 2 has been amazingly adapted so far. The production value and performances are off the charts and deserving of every award out there. I think we all need to prepare ourselves for a longer Draughtlander given that they haven't even started filming Season 3 and Voyager will be one hell of a challenge to fit into 13 episodes and has a lot of time at sea. I think the fandom is prepared for a Fall premier AFTER Game of Thrones season is over on HBO. Remember that we move to Sunday evenings to compete directly with the big boys next season.

Holly Richter-White said...

Karen, Was this confirmed? They miss out on Emmy noms this way, so wondering why?

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