Favorite gifts in the OUTLANDER series

In the spirit of the holiday season, I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the gifts (given or received) in the OUTLANDER series.

Here are a few of my favorites:

1) Claire's silver wedding ring. (The book version, not the TV version!)  The photo above comes from the Author's Attic site.

2) The medical chest Jamie gave Claire on their anniversary in DRUMS.

3) Adso the kitten.

4) The pearl necklace Jamie gave Claire on their wedding day. (Again, I much prefer the book version!) The necklace pictured above is made by Hamilton & Young.

5) The vrooms Roger made for the children in ABOSAA.

6) The apostles' spoons from OUTLANDER Episode 207, "Faith". I thought that was an incredibly moving gift from Jamie, and I'm glad they included them in the show.

What about the rest of you? What are some of your favorites, either from the books or the TV series?


Unknown said...

Your top three are also my favorites. They're the first ones I thought of as well. ❤️❤️❤️

Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen , I recently came across a catalog called Celtic & Croft , they sell all kinds of Outlander related items from Tote bags to blankets to Jamie Fraser Teddy Bears and have a website and catalog that you can order items from , the items are the best material I recently ordered a Outlander blanket& Pillow cover that is made out of Outlander Fraser tartan that's straight from Scotland , so a lot of wonderful gifts could come from them , they are based in Minnasota , so I hope you can go on they're webpage it's www.kilits-n-Stuff.com. please post more soon. Happy Holidays . Sincerely.

Susanlynn♥ said...

I like it all, but perhaps I will put the ring on my Christmas list.

Anonymous said...

What about Brianna's paintings/drawings?

♥Susanlynn said...

I loved Jamie giving Claire his mother's pearls on their wedding day when he told her "They belonged to my mother, and now, they belong to my wife." He loved his mother, and the words foreshadowed the deep love he would develop for CLaire. Jamie loved CLaire from the start, but I don't think that even he realized just how strong and unbreakable that love would be. When I fret about this wonderful love story nearing the end as JAmie and Claire age, I try to focus on my favorite quote "Love is stronger than death." Their love is eternal and will survive death.

Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen recently I received a catalog from the Celtic & Croft shop that features all kinds of Top Outlander items , from scarves to blankets to Jamie & Claire teddy bears , plus other Scottish related items and I ordered a few of the items as Christmas gifts , so I think that this catalog would be great to pass along to other fans as well as yourself, the mailing address is "The Celtic Croft , 8451 Xerxes Ave, North, Brooklyn Park, MN, 55444-1468, and the e-mail address is www.kilts-n-Stuff.com.please post more soon. love your Blog, sincerely Mary Tormey.

Anonymous said...

Can't help but smile at the remembrance of Jamie's gift of a bouquet of poison ivy and other weeds for Claire when they returned to the ridge.
Kathy in PA

Anonymous said...

Hi! You might also want to check out AbbyShot Clothiers as they have a global license for Outlander items as well. They just released Claire's Replica Riding Gloves.

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