September poll results

Here are the results of the September poll, which asked the question, "Have you attended any of Diana Gabaldon's public appearances?"
  • 30.10% - Yes, I've been to one or more of her book-signings or other public appearances.
  • 28.60% - Not yet, but I would like to see her in person some day.
  • 25.00% - No, I live too far away.
  • 3.20% - Yes, many times!
  • 3.00% - No, I'm not interested in attending a book-signing.
  • 2.60% - What public appearances? When and where?
  • 1.80% - I'm planning to attend one of her appearances later this year.
  • 1.50% - No, the crowds at these events are getting too big.
  • 1.50% - I would like to, but I'm too busy with family, work, or other commitments.
  • 2.70% - Other
There were 1000 responses to this month's poll. Thanks very much to everyone who participated!

I didn't vote in the poll myself, but I have seen Diana in person four times, most recently a few weeks ago in Winston-Salem, NC.

Please take a moment to vote in the October poll, which asks the question, "How long have you been reading Diana Gabaldon's books?" Thanks!

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