OUTLANDER is #2 in the Great American Read!

great american read

OUTLANDER took the #2 spot in the Great American Read contest on PBS!

Congratulations to Diana Gabaldon!! Here's her reaction to last night's show, and the results.

I was delighted that the show included both a brief interview with Diana and a look at OUTLANDER fandom. And OUTLANDER beat J.K. Rowling, Tolkien, and Jane Austen, which is a pretty impressive feat! You can see the full list of 100 books here.


Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen saw the show last night and was thrilled at the results was surprised that Outlander beat Harry Potter and was 2nd place but was not surprised to see "To Kill a Mockingbird "win so all of those months and weeks of voting paid off so I hope all of the winnrs and the other books on the list will be gifts this Holiday season and I hope there will be more books lovers and readers as a result , one of the things I liked about the show was talking about books and reading in general so was thrilled to see that , so a great ending to a great show , will be watching season 4 very soon. Happy Week. Loving Outlander & books .sincerely .

KMC said...

I watched the countdown of the books on PBS, The Great American Read and really enjoyed the show. While it would have been wonderful to see Outlander in the #1 spot, I understand why To Kill a Mockingbird was voted #1. I have read most of the books in the list of 100, but have only read the Outlander books more than once - many times, actually. I was also very pleased that Harry Potter made the top 5, really loved the series. Being #2 to Harper Lee is a great honor, in my opinion. Sad that Ms. Lee didn't live to see it.

Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen great show last night and was so surprised to see Outlander beat Harry Potter as 2nd place but wasn't surprised to see "To Kill A Mockingbird " win , I hope this means there will be more book lovers and readers , will be watching season 4 soon. Happy Week. Loving Outlander.

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