What is your favorite episode of OUTLANDER Season 4?

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What's your favorite episode of OUTLANDER Season 4? Please take a moment to vote in the April poll, and feel free to leave a comment here or on my Outlandish Observations Facebook page.

In case you missed them, here are my Season 4 episode recaps:

Episode 401: America the Beautiful
Episode 402: Do No Harm
Episode 403: The False Bride
Episode 404: Common Ground
Episode 405: Savages
Episode 406: Blood of My Blood
Episode 407: Down the Rabbit Hole
Episode 408: Wilmington
Episode 409: The Birds and the Bees
Episode 410: The Deep Heart's Core
Episode 411: If Not For Hope
Episode 412: Providence
Episode 413: Man of Worth


Mary Tormey said...

Hi KAren I liked most of the episodes and they were very well done and stuck pretty much to the books and the only one I didn't care for was 'Down a Rabbit Hole ' it was very lopsided and could have been a lot better and so I say I liked most of the season can't wait to add it on DVD on my Outlander shelf . please post more soon. Happy Week. Loving Outlander. sincerely .

Unknown said...

406 and 409 were my favorites overall, but there were stellar scenes in other episodes - murtagh reunion, Jamie saying goodbye to Ian, Roger's idiot hut speech, the priests death, Jamie's apology to Claire in the tent to name a few.... I enjoyed the season slot and am now enjoying reading the book. Thanks for your recaps!

Unknown said...

Dear Karen I would very much enjoy a poll about the whole series best episode so far...... I am really curious on other people preferences.
I love the wedding of course but there are a few episodes as good as 107. (111 207 213 301)
Are you planning to make your followers participate in such a poll?
Aren’t you curious on the results?
Esther N.

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