Dagwood and Blondie and OUTLANDER!

Today's BLONDIE comic strip has a reference to OUTLANDER! Click on the image above for a bigger view.

I love this particular cartoon, on two levels. First, it reinforces the idea that men watch OUTLANDER (and read the books) too! Second, it's a comic strip that Claire, Bree, and Roger would presumably all be familiar with. The BLONDIE comic strip has been around since the 1930s.

In case you're wondering, no, this isn't the first time OUTLANDER or its creator has been referenced in a comic strip. The creator of MALLARD FILLMORE has featured Diana Gabaldon in two different strips, here and here.


Wanda Sagebiel said...

I agree that husbands read Outlander too! My husband read all the books while he was deployed in the Middle East. I sent him the books after I read them and he really enjoyed them and especially the military history. I loved and looked forward to reading the books while he was gone and it was also another way to keep us connected during those long deployments. I loved seeing Dagwood enjoying them too. Lol

Jennifer said...

In another demonstration of men watching Outlander, the (male) researcher for the Rick Steves Scotland guidebook is a fan, and he recently wrote a nice blog post with his observations of the Outlander effect: https://blog.ricksteves.com/cameron/2022/08/scotland-outlander-effect/

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