Thursday, January 9, 2014

OUTLANDER Invades LA on Saturday!

As many of you know, STARZ is holding a big OUTLANDER fan event on Saturday, January 11, in Los Angeles, featuring Diana Gabaldon, Ron Moore, Sam Heughan, and Caitriona Balfe.

It's going to be a very exciting day for OUTLANDER fans!  And it also happens to be Diana Gabaldon's birthday. <g> (She turns 62 on January 11th.)  I really can't think of a better birthday present to Diana from the STARZ people, than to have this opportunity to meet Sam and Caitriona in person for the first time. What a thrill that's going to be, for her as well as for the fans!

To kick off the celebrations, a number of OUTLANDER fans are planning a Twitter campaign using the hashtag #OutlanderInvadesLA, which will take place from 11am - 1pm ET on Saturday (8am - 10am Pacific, 4pm-6pm in the UK).  According to one of the event organizers (@Reader_DG on Twitter):
The purpose of this Twitter Party is to get #OutlanderInvadesLA to trend in the US and as many other countries as possible but, more than that, to inspire people to seek out more information by giving them meaningful glimpses into all things Outlander by tweeting cast photos, the Starz promotional videos released to date, links to interviews with Diana and the cast members, memes with great quotes and quotes from the books.
You can find more information about the #OutlanderInvadesLA Twitter campaign here.  I plan to participate, and I hope many of you will, too.  Even if you're not on Twitter, you can read the posts here.

I'm not going to be at the LA event myself, but I plan to watch the live-streaming video starting at 7 pm ET (4 pm Pacific time).  STARZ has said the live feed will be available internationally. 

[UPDATE 1/11/2014 2:04pm - Here is the link to the live-streaming video.]

I hope all of you who are going to LA have a WONDERFUL time!  The rest of us will be with you in spirit. <g>

For more about the OUTLANDER TV series, see my FAQ page here.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the info. I can't go either but will watch the live stream. Will try to remember to tweet #OutlanderInvadesLA on Sat morning to help the campaign.

Heidi said...

Will the live stream video be on the STARZ website?

Karen Henry said...

Link to the live stream is here:


Karen Henry said...

Link to the live stream is here:


leaves on the Raney Tree said...

Hi Karen,
You're so clever - can you find out anything about the music that will be used for the series. Original compositions or using old tunes, or both. Just curious.