December poll results

Happy New Year! Here are the results of the December poll, which asked, "What is your favorite gift from Diana Gabaldon's books?"

  • 20.12% - Claire's silver wedding ring
  • 13.83% - Brianna's photos
  • 13.58% - Fergus's last name
  • 12.47% - The medicine box Jamie gave Claire for their anniversary
  • 8.89% - The pearl necklace Jamie gave Claire on their wedding day.
  • 8.89% - The cherrywood snake Jamie's brother made for him
  • 8.40% - Adso the kitten
  • 4.32% - The poison ivy bouquet
  • 2.96% - The rosary Jamie gave Willie as a farewell gift
  • 1.73% - The vrooms Roger made for the children
  • 1.23% - The bracelet Roger gave to Bree
  • 0.74% - The dachshund puppy Stephan gave to Lord John
  • 0.25% - The sapphire ring Lord John got from his first lover, Hector
  • 2.59% - Other

Here are the responses for "Other":

  • All of the above, too hard to choose just one!
  • They are wonderful. Cannot pick just 1
  • "I give you the gift of my body". If he didnt say it he should have.
  • The boar tusk bracelets
  • All of them are special in their own way
  • I love them all :)
  • I try to avoid saying this, but in this case I can't. All of the above! <g>
  • jamie
  • All of them!
  • the amber piece
  • all of the above...couldn't choose if I wanted.
  • What about the fish? I loved that!
  • The dragonfly in Amber from Hugh Munro.
  • I can't choose - I love them all!! :)
  • Can't decide between them!
  • Hugh Monro gifted a rabbit. Jamie gave him ale.
  • the dragonfly in amber then fergus surname
  • all of the above
  • Many hold special significance thru the series. Also Faith. Claire's gift to Jamie.
  • The book of stories Jamie wrote for the children, for them to have 200 years on
  • All Jamie's presents to Claire listed above

There were 810 responses in this poll. Thanks so much to everyone who participated! Please take a moment to vote in the January poll, which is all about how you discovered the OUTLANDER books.

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