Here's one for the guys

If you're a male fan of Diana Gabaldon's OUTLANDER or Lord John books, and you spend any time online on Twitter, Facebook, or various fan-sites, it must seem as though you're vastly outnumbered!  At Diana's public appearances and book-signings, the audience tends to be 99% female.  (At least in my experience.)

We KNOW the guys are out there somewhere! Diana often talks about letters and emails she's received from her male readers. Jari Backman, a male fan from Finland who is very knowledgeable about the dates in the OUTLANDER books, helped me with the "Notable Dates This Month" feature on my blog. (Check out Jari's OUTLANDER fan site.)

OutManders is a new fan group devoted to helping male OUTLANDER fans connect with one another. You can follow OutManders on Twitter. They've also started a new Facebook page recently.

If you're a male reader of Diana Gabaldon's books, or you know someone who is, please support OutManders and make your voices heard! Thanks.

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