OUTLANDER makes the NY Times Bestseller List!

Diana Gabaldon's OUTLANDER is #12 on the NY Times Combined Print and E-Book Bestseller List this week! <g> Congratulations, Diana!

It took 23 years, but as Diana says, "Better late than never." Here's her reaction on Compuserve to the news. (Scroll down to message number 14.)

I think we're going to see OUTLANDER on the list many more times before this year is over. Especially if and when they release a "Special TV Series Edition"! <g>


time traveler said...

It appears we're doing a good job of spreading the word!

Laura's Reviews said...

I'm glad that so many are discovering Outlander! I've got a few family members and friends obsessed over the years, but there is always room for more fans!

I just can't believe the mini-series is actually happening. It's a dream come true!

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