Update to Diana Gabaldon web site

Diana Gabaldon's official web site has been updated with, among other things, a new excerpt from ECHO and some more information on the Amazon pre-order for ECHO. In Diana's own words: "Amazon.com does not actually have the faintest idea when the pub date is, until the publisher tells them (at which time, the publisher presumably would also tell me, and I would tell you). This does not stop them from listing a date; they seem to think it encourages people to place pre-orders if the listing looks more official. They are, however, pulling these dates out of their collective rear end, for the most part."


Anonymous said...

I just voted Other for the February Poll. The option said to leave a comment but I can't find a spot to write the comment, so I will do it here.
From Dragonfly in Amber: " Lord, ye gave me a rare woman, and God! I loved her well."


Karen Henry said...

Hi Theresa:

Wonderful choice! <g> And that is PRECISELY the quote I wish I had chosen for DRAGONFLY in that poll. (Of course I realized it three days after I posted the poll, and by then it was too late to change the options....)


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