Diana's blog has been updated!

After a hiatus of about five months for the Final Frenzy of AN ECHO IN THE BONE, Diana Gabaldon has finally started updating her blog again.

Go here to see all the new blog entries posted this week:

1) An account of the last days of writing ECHO, including a bit of verrry interesting news at the end that I haven't seen her mention anywhere before, even on Compuserve: "I'm going to tell the story of Roger MacKenzie's parents."

2) Two posts with detailed information on her book-tour appearances in the U.S. and Canada.

3) UPDATE 9/11/09 5:55 am: And another with information on the New Zealand part of her book-tour.

4) UPDATE 9/12/09 5:19 am: Wow, this is really feast-or-famine, isn't it? Diana just posted two more blog entries: information on her Australia book-tour, and a graphic novel update (with pictures!) See my reaction to the pictures here.

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