Release day!

The big day is here at last! My mom emailed me this morning to tell me that she saw a full-page ad for AN ECHO IN THE BONE, with Diana's picture, in today's New York Times. For those of you on Facebook, Diana will be doing a chat on the Borders Facebook site today (Tuesday) from 12pm-2pm ET. The link is here. Happy reading!


ibeeeg said...

I must remember to log on to Facebook this late-morning (for me).
I am psyched about this book release.

Laura's Reviews said...

I missed the chat . . . sad sigh. My copy of An Echo in the Bone showed up in the mail this morning. I am so excited . . . I just need to finish up my book club book I'm reading right now. I did look at the acknowledgements and noticed that you are thanked for your work on compu serve. Good job - and congrats!

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