September is here at last!

So we've made it to September, finally! Three weeks and counting until the publication of AN ECHO IN THE BONE!

Here are the results of the August poll:

Have you pre-ordered AN ECHO IN THE BONE?

  • 37.6% - Yes, I pre-ordered through Amazon or some other bookstore.
  • 18.1% - No, I will buy it on or after the release day.
  • 12.1% - No, because I don't want to risk it not arriving on September 22.
  • 11.4% - I haven't yet, but I intend to put in an order soon.
  • 8.7% - Yes, I pre-ordered a SIGNED copy from the Poisoned Pen bookstore.
  • 4.0% - No, I will get it from the library.
  • 1.3% - No, because someone else is buying it for me as a gift.
  • 0.7% - I pre-ordered the audio version, but not the printed book.
  • 6% - Other

There were 149 responses to this poll. Thanks so much to everyone who participated. I think the variety of results are very interesting.

Please take a moment to vote in the September poll. I'm curious to see what the answers are to this one.


Lisa said...

I KNOW, I am practically hyperventilating over here!!!!! I am trying to plow thru my re-read of ABOSAA to be finished in time! WOOOT!

Laura's Reviews said...

I have an award for you on my blog.

I can't wait either!

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