October poll results

Here are the results of the October poll:

Which of the books in the OUTLANDER series is your favorite?

  • OUTLANDER - 41.9%
  • I can't possibly pick one; I love them all! - 29.3%
  • VOYAGER - 15.3%
  • DRUMS OF AUTUMN - 3.3%
  • AN ECHO IN THE BONE - 1.6%
  • THE FIERY CROSS - 0.8%
  • I haven't yet read any of Diana Gabaldon's books - 0.4%
I didn't vote in this poll, but my own answer would be a three-way tie between OUTLANDER, VOYAGER, and FIERY CROSS.

There were 246 responses to this month's poll. Thanks very much to everyone who participated!

The November poll is about your biggest shock or surprise in reading ECHO. Please feel free to leave a comment here, if I didn't list one that you would have liked to see.


Anonymous said...

My biggest surprise is the story line about Fergus possibly having an aristocratic family tree and slightly possibly being an ancestor of Claire's. I personally found this storyline "over the top" especially since it also just happens to involve Percy. I don't mind suspending disbelief but this one calls for just a bit too much disbelief IMHO.

Deni P

Anonymous said...

I was beside myself when Claire and Lord John had carnal knowledge of each other. Their marriage was understandable, but what with Claire's ambivalent feelings toward John, and John's own preferences, I never saw it coming. I was shocked and at the same time laughed out loud. Jamies reaction to John's confession was intriguing as well. I can't wait for the next book!

Anonymous said...

Just finished An Echo in the Bone. I found it very complicated with all the past characters coming and going. Claire and Lord John being together, regardless of the circumstance, was very disappointing. The fact that the book ended with all the character's story lines still up in the air was a huge let down. For the first time in the series, I'm not anxiously awaiting her next book.

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