Thanks from Diana

I was delighted to see this post from Diana Gabaldon on Compuserve this morning:
I was telling Karen elsewhere that she should be gold-plated and Displayed in Public as the perfect model of The Ideal SL. <g> Wise, tireless, insightful, and patient--and I've never seen anybody online work harder than she has during the two months since ECHO came out!

I HUGELY appreciate her skilful handling of the post-pub process on the book--so smart, dividing the book-threads by chapter chunks (even though tidying discussions back into their proper threads was a full-time job by itself!), and then carefully splitting out separate discussions to keep the size of threads more manageable.

Frankly, I doubt that I can do anything _like_ such a good job--and thank goodness Karen will still be here to help <g>--but now that I'm back from the wars, I can at least take some of the burden off Karen's shoulders, and let her have a little well-earned rest.

So---<applause, applause>....and a standing ovation!


Diane M. said...

Hear, hear! {standing a clapping enthusiastically!}

Karen, you really were amazing. I wasn't able to get on the forum in a timely fashion while reading the book or afterwards either, but I did eventually read everything. I couldn't agree more that you took a situation that could have been disasterous and made it smooth, efficient and easy to navigate.

Thank you!

Diane M.

Cristina H said...

I could never write more eloquently than Diana, but would like to add my thanks for a job well done. In addition to Compuserve, you've put a lot of effort into this great blog as well. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Karen!

Deniz Bevan said...

Congratulations Karen!

Anonymous said...


Kudos on a job well done! And to be recognized by Herself for it! That's awesome. Now take a well-earned rest and enjoy.


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