February poll results

Here are the results of the February poll:

What do you think about the upcoming OUTLANDER graphic novel, THE EXILE?

  • 37.1% - I just want to see more of Jamie and Claire's story, and I don't care how we get it.
  • 17.0% - I'm looking forward to getting a different perspective on the events of OUTLANDER.
  • 12.6% - I don't like the sample artwork I've seen so far. The characters don't look like what I imagined
  • 7.5% - I'm glad that Diana wrote the script and is working closely with the artist.
  • 6.9% - I like what I've seen so far, and I want to see more.
  • 7.0% - I'm not crazy about the idea, but I'll probably buy it anyway.
  • 5.0% - I'm interested, but $25 is a lot of money for a 200-page book.
  • 4.4% - It's a terrible idea. I don't want to see Jamie and Claire turned into comic book characters.
  • 1.9% - Not sure yet. I want to see more of the sample artwork first.
  • 0.6% - Other

There were 159 votes in this month's poll.

I didn't vote in it myself, but if I had, I would have gone with the second choice, because it intrigues me to think that there were things going on during the timeframe of OUTLANDER that Claire did not see or know about, and I suspect that the graphic novel may shake some of our assumptions about things we thought we already understood in OUTLANDER. Should be verrrrry interesting!

By the way, in case you're wondering, when I ran a similar poll in January 2009, the top two results were reversed. In that poll, the "I just want to see more of Jamie and Claire's story" option got 17.4%, and "I'm looking forward to getting a different perspective on the events of OUTLANDER" got 42.2%. (I suppose that's a result of the timing. It's been five months since ECHO came out, and already people are desperate to see more of Jamie and Claire. <g>)

Thanks so much to everyone who participated!

The March poll is a broader question, about the OUTLANDER series in general. As always, I'm fascinated to see what you all think.


Deniz Bevan said...

I voted for Other cos I really wanted to vote All of the Above! :-)

Karen Henry said...

Deniz - well, as I told someone else this morning, I know it's hard to choose just one, but you have a whole month to decide! :-)

Anyway, I'm always curious to see what other people think.


Karen Henry said...

For anyone else who wants to vote "all of the above" - just choose Other. Now that people have voted, I can't change the options without wiping out all the votes cast so far. Which doesn't seem fair.

This is SO typical. <sigh> Somebody inevitably points out the one poll option I forgot to include, within a day or two after I post a new poll. Maybe I ought to start beta-testing these poll questions? <g>


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