More about Diana, Frazer Hines, and "Doctor Who"

Diana has posted a new blog entry with pictures of her meeting with Frazer Hines (the "original Jamie" from the old Doctor Who TV series), and an account of how they came to do the radio show that is being featured on the BBC this week.

She also posted a more detailed account of the "Doctor Who connection" on her web site.

If you haven't yet heard the half-hour radio program, "Time Travelling Scots", I would highly recommend it! Click here to listen to the podcast of it. (UPDATE: Unfortunately, the podcast is no longer available on the BBC site.)


Anonymous said...
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Sirena said...

Thanks for posting this, Karen! I really enjoyed it. Frazer Hines is obviously so pleased and proud to have played a part in Diana creating the world of Outlander. I wish there had been a video! It's such a great story. And so moving! Was that "My heart will go on" warbling on the bagpipes in the background? I totally choked up!!

And, I can understand DG shutting her comments down. That got so crazy, so quickly. I'm happy to see that she continues to post on her blog, though, esp. on the Methadone list! I wish there were a Methadone tag to view all of her recommendations. And I hope the furor over the fanfic stuff doesn't make her less accessible to her many true fans. So sad!

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