Diana Gabaldon on Twitter

Diana Gabaldon's latest blog post is mainly about her upcoming visit to Atlanta over Labor Day weekend for the Decatur Book Festival and DragonCon. But she also had this to say:
Now, normally, I don’t Twitter [g]--no time!--but it strikes me that this weekend might just be the kind of situation where that might be helpful. So—just in case y’all want to follow me temporarily, my Twitter ID is “Writer_DG.”
I think this is interesting, for a couple of reasons:

1) Where on earth is she getting the time?? Diana's schedule is normally so busy that I wouldn't have thought she had extra time to devote to Twitter. I said something to that effect in a comment on her blog, and here's her response:
Believe me, I'm not up for a lot of conversation on Twitter! [g] But at least I can tweet locations, delays, reschedulings, etc., if necessary.

2) Diana's normal writing style is definitely not suited to 140-character bursts! <g> I would think it's a bit of a challenge, or at least a change of pace, for her to limit herself to the sort of very brief messages that Twitter allows.

By the way, if you want to follow me, my id is karenh3a.

Finally, for those of you who may already have heard about Diana's tweets (someone mentioned it during one of the recent Monday-night OUTLANDER chat sessions on My Outlander Purgatory), I suppose the secret is out now. If Diana is talking about it openly on her blog, she clearly doesn't mind if the rest of us know she's doing it. <g> Just don't expect her to respond back to all of your tweets personally.


Tracey R. said...

So funny re: keeping to 140 characters--I've often thought that she does remarkably well for someone who writes books that are (ahem) quite a bit more characters than that... ;-)

I've debated whether or not to do @writer_DG as a FollowFriday recommend--I haven't as yet, since like you I wasn't sure how "out" she was as a tweeter (even an occasional one), but now that the secret seems to be out maybe I'll go for it...

Mandy said...

I was so happy when I found out Diana has a twitter. But she doesn't do much tweeting for the fans, she only keeps replying to Mr. Allan from OLtheMusical. I wish she would sometimes tweet for us poor fans too :(

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