Diana talks about THE EXILE

Here are a couple of very interesting interviews with Diana Gabaldon, talking about THE EXILE.

The first is a fascinating discussion with Betsy Mitchell, editor of THE EXILE. They talk about the making of THE EXILE; about the artist, Hoang Nguyen; about some of the fan reaction to the early pictures; and about the infamous picture on page 5, among other things. <g>

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview, and I would really encourage all of you to take the time to watch it.

The second video is an interview with Barnes & Noble that covers some of the same ground, but also talks about Diana's reading habits. I note that Diana tactfully did NOT point out, when discussing the merits of e-readers, that she owns a Kindle, not a Nook. <g>

Both of these videos are available on Diana's YouTube channel, so watch that site for more videos that may be added in the coming days. (And check out the EXILE book-trailer, if you haven't seen it already!)


Tracey R. said...

Hmmm...wonder what the chances are that DG would sit down for an video interview with the My Outlander Purgatory lasses?? Now THAT would be must-see TV... ;-)

Karen Henry said...

Yeah, it would indeed! :-)

Well, you can always ask, when you see her at ComicCon. She's usually on a REAL tight schedule when touring, though.


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