18th century cooking

I found a very interesting site today on the subject of 18th century cooking and recipes.   The site, History is Served, is affiliated with the Historic Foodways program at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia.

The main part of this site is a blog featuring many different 18th century recipes (along with their 21st century equivalents, so you can try them at home).

From the FAQ page:
The recipes we have chosen are presented in the original language and measurements of the colonial era. Our modern translations are intended to be as accurate as possible to the original recipes using modern ingredients and equipment. Our job is to recreate 18th-century food as genuinely as possible. In some cases we will indicate items that can be omitted or substituted in order to make the recipes healthier.

There are also a number of videos showing how cooking was done in the 18th century, featuring everything from how to roast a leg of lamb, to how to make chocolate.

Here's a video from the Historic Foodways program giving a brief overview of 18th century cooking (or at least, how it's done at Colonial Williamsburg):

Colonial Williamsburg is a fabulous place for OUTLANDER fans to visit, by the way.  I highly recommend it!  You can see pictures of my 2008 visit here.

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Bri said...

Hi Karen,

I found this site a while back and have been meaning to do a blog post ever since... I agree that it's a great place for those Outlander fans who like to go above and beyond to experience what the characters may have experienced (like myself!).
I have also been considering a trip to Colonial Williamsburg this summer, did you find it to be painstakingly expensive? Did you stay in one of their inns? Thanks for the link back to your trip, I enjoyed the photos.


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