Contest results!

I'm delighted to announce the results of the OUTLANDER Photo Contest!

And the winners are...

There were 3 prizes awarded in this contest. The winners (selected using the random number generator at, from the 114 entries submitted) are:

Kris Holtan (# 50)

Carrie King (# 64)

Viviana Rocco (# 82)

Congratulations!! I've sent emails to each of you asking for your mailing address, and which of the three books you'd like to have as your prize.  Please contact me so we can work out the details.

I'm pleased, by the way, that the random selection picked contest winners from three different countries. <g> Kris lives in the US, Carrie lives in the UK, and Viviana lives in Uruguay. The OUTLANDER fan community truly is an international one, and I always enjoy talking to fans from around the world.

The Photo Collection

I've put together a slideshow on Picasa to display full-size versions of all of the photos, along with a brief description of each one. (Please note, I had to edit some of the descriptions that people sent me so that they would fit in the space available.)

You can also view each of the individual photos in the Picasa album here. Click on the photo to see a bigger view. From the detail page, you can "Like" the photo, or leave a comment at the bottom.

Once again, thank you all so much for participating in the OUTLANDER Photo Contest! I'm really pleased with the variety and the creativity of the photos, and I hope you all enjoy the collection as much as I have.

UPDATE 9/18/2012 7:18 pm: Here's Diana Gabaldon's reaction (on Compuserve) to the contest photos:
ROF,L!! These are GREAT--both the photos themselves, and the captions. (Loved Brian C. <g>, the "favorite kilted redhead" and Silvia's contraceptive device especially--but I'm not through looking at/reading them all yet, either.)


Joanne said...

Fantastic collection of photos, Karen! I enjoyed getting a peek of other fans' cherished collections and memories of the Outlander series. Some were absolutely hysterical -- I know Diana will appreciate this very much! And congratulations to the winners. :)

Zan Marie said...

While I wanted to win, I have to say that there are some highly creative fans out there.

I may have to print out Kris's to comtemplate the composition at leisure. ; )

Nenya said...

Great pictures everyone and congrats to the winners. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Karen, for putting this up. And congrats to the winners - and all other participants. What a lovely collection of pictures!

Outlander Kitchen said...

What a great collection of photos...and it looks like a lot of us had fun getting the perfect shot! Thanks for putting it together, Karen! Theresa

audiobooklover said...

Thanks so much for running the contest and for sharing all the pics! I really enjoyed looking through all of them. Some really great pics! :-)

Deniz Bevan said...

Awesome, Karen, thanks so much for hosting this contest. Those are great photos. I love Cindy's porch and Betsy's room! Everyone's shelves are so much tidier than mine - overflowing with DG and Forumites' books :-)
Congratulations to the winners!

Sirena said...

Karen, what a great contest! I don't think I fully realized how great it would be til I was scrolling through the pics, each one better than the one before it and each Outlander fan outdoing themselves. LOVED it!

Jari Backman said...

Dear Karen,

This was a great idea to highlight your anniversary. As others noted, the final end product really struck a chord.

This had a genuine WOW effect!

Kathy in PA said...

I haven't had time to really look slowly at all the photos, they're all SO great. But who is the spaniel pining for Rollo?! "Thee is my wolf" indeed!! I can't wait to read more about Ian and Rachel.

Loretta said...

I love the photos, especially seeing all the different book covers from over the years! Incredible!

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