News about the STARZ TV series!

Lots of "breaking news" today about the upcoming OUTLANDER TV series on STARZ!

First of all, here's the STARZ press release, quoted in its entirety on Diana Gabaldon's blog. I particularly liked these comments:
“We are thrilled to be bringing ‘Outlander’ to Starz next year,” said Chris Albrecht, CEO of Starz. “Diana has created an incredibly compelling heroine, thrust into a very complex world, not to mention, time. The books weave a fascinating tapestry of history, spirituality, love and honor, not to mention plenty of time travel, sex and warfare. With Diana’s stories guiding us and Ron’s mastery, we hope to bring Claire and Jamie to life for the millions of fans the world over.”

Moore added, “I’m very excited to have the opportunity to bring these books to life. Diana’s created a rich and textured world filled with intriguing characters, and I believe that Starz is the perfect home for her story. I think we’ll make something that the millions of fans of these books will enjoy and recognize as ‘Outlander.’”
Another comment from Ron Moore on Facebook today:
Exciting news today with the official announcement that Outlander is picked up for a 16 episode first season and I'm sure many of you are balancing your excitement with worry about how faithful we'll be to the original material. Let me tell you right from the start that we're fans of the books and our first priority is to be as true to the characters and the story that Diana Gabaldon has given us as we can. Put simply, our goal is to realize Outlander, not reinvent it. More updates to come as we roll into preproduction -- stay tuned.
If you're on Facebook, check out the OUTLANDER STARZ page on Facebook!

If you're on Twitter, you can follow @Outlander_Starz for the latest updates.

The official website for the OUTLANDER TV series was unveiled today. There's not much information there yet, but keep watching that site for further updates.

I like the fact that the logo they are using for the series is a simple, straightforward, OUTLANDER on a dark blue background, using the same font as the US editions of the OUTLANDER books.
I think this is a very encouraging start, and I remain cautiously optimistic.  I would just ask you all to please keep a few things in mind:

1) We have no information yet on who has been cast as Jamie, Claire, or anyone else.

2) Diana Gabaldon has said she will NOT be involved in casting, or in writing the scripts for the TV series.

3) The exact date of the series premiere has not yet been announced.

4) We don't have any information yet about the availability of this series outside the US.

I'll post more details as I find out more, but I think this is all very exciting!


Sue Bates said...

what channel will be used in Canada as there is no Starz channel
I know lots of people in Canada will also want to watch Outlander too.
pls bring this story to Canada too.
Sue Bates
New Westminster BC

Anonymous said...

I wonder which of the six Starz channels the series will be broadcast on. Any word about this at this stage of the game?

Anonymous said...

Sue Bates

The Outlander series will be unique to Starz as it is being produced solely for Starz. Sad to say if you don't get Starz in Canada you may be out of luck. If it's any consolation it should be available on DVD at the end of each season.

Sorry. :(

Karen Henry said...

Sue (and any other Canadians):

Look here for a recent article about another channel in Canada that may be showing some STARZ series. I have no idea if this would include OUTLANDER, but it's at least a possibility.


Karen Henry said...

Six STARZ channels? I had no idea there was more than one. I don't know the answer to that question, but if I find out anything, I'll pass on the information.


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