Interview with Diana Gabaldon and Ron Moore

Here's a video interview with Diana Gabaldon and Ron Moore (executive producer of the OUTLANDER TV series), recorded at NY Comic Con on Saturday.

Thanks very much to Nikki on Compuserve for letting us know about this video. It's terrific, and well worth watching! This is the first time I've had an opportunity to hear Ron Moore speak about the TV series, and I found his comments very reassuring.
This is that book that sits on somebody's shelf that they've read over and over again, and it's personal, and it's something special, and our job is to give them that story. They're all going to look forward to it. They're all going to be terrified we're going to f-- it up. So let's not f-- it up!
All I can say to that is, amen! And I'm so glad the production is in the hands of someone who understands that.

I also got a kick out of Diana's brief synopsis of OUTLANDER near the end. <g>


Laura's Reviews said...

Love it - thanks for posting!!

Diane T. said...

Got a kick out of Diana's face when the reporter referred to the book as a historical romance.

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