Book 8 release date is changing!

Diana Gabaldon made the following announcement today:
"Well. I _really_ hate writing this, and I do apologize….but the pub date for MOBY is moving."
*** Before you panic, PLEASE take the time to read the full explanation in Diana's own words. ***

Here's my reaction:

I know a lot of people will be disappointed to hear this, but I'm not really surprised that the date is moving. If Random House wants to coordinate MOHB's release with the TV series, it doesn't make sense for the book to come out 5 months earlier.

And If this delay gives Diana more time to make sure the book is the best possible quality, then IMHO it will be worth it, no matter how much the fans scream and moan about the date changing. 
"I could get the necessary wordage on paper by the end of the year—but it wouldn’t be _good_.  Good takes more time.   And I’m really sorry, but you’re not getting a book that’s less than the best I can do."
The way I see it, that's the important thing! Just speaking personally, the idea of a date change doesn't bother me. We've been waiting more than four years, we can manage a few more months. The book will be out when it's ready, and it will absolutely be worth the wait! I'm sure of that.

Note to those of you who had already made plans based on the preliminary book-tour schedule on the Random House site:
"Since the pub date is moving….I’m afraid (and my Deep Apologies to the poor publicists) all the tour events will have to be rescheduled, once a new date is chosen."
Please help spread the word to any other OUTLANDER fans you may know!

*** UPDATE 11/15/2013 6:51 pm: Diana Gabaldon announced today that the new publication date for the US and Canada will be June 10, 2014! Look here for her announcement with more details. ***


Victoria said...

While I'd love to have the new book in my hands right now, I'd much rather wait on a well written, well crafted book that DG is so well known for.

I saw some inconsistencies in her last book, and the last quarter of the book just sort of fell apart. I felt she must have rushed it for a publication date. Just my opinion, I could be wrong, just saying...

So, all in all, I'm content to wait for the wonderful book I know it will be!

Loaine Oliver said...

extremely disappointed!!!!!

Susan Van Hoven said...

Totally understood. OMG Diana, you have already given us more than we could have hoped for in the first seven books and the "bulges" not to mention your own considerable amount of time. I can wait because I know the next book will once again be remarkable. Coupled with the series, I'm already in Outlander heaven!

JesuisPrestNow said...

I am fine with it being later, we are being more than entertained while we wait and I'd rather Diana got to do whatever is needed to finish the book as she wants to. She has giving us so much already the least we can do is to give her more time :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Victoria... Diana, take your time. The last two books had some really "stretching it" story lines. Don't get me wrong, I've read the books numerous times and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Davina Porter as the reader... please let it be her READING book 8!

Don't hate me, everyone has an opinion. :O

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