Photos from the set of OUTLANDER!

Here are the latest photos from the set of the OUTLANDER TV series, from an article in the UK Daily Mail.

Caitriona looks great, and she seems to be enjoying herself.

Fascinating to see the costumes! They're beautifully done, and very natural-looking. The muted colors of Claire's outfit were a bit of a surprise to me at first, but that's only because I'm used to the vivid colors you see in modern-day tartans. (That's not in any way a complaint, by the way, just an observation.) My next thought was, "Homespun. Somebody made that."Looking at the pictures, you can easily imagine the the enormous amount of work that would have gone into producing everything Claire and the others are wearing using 18th-century methods, from shearing the sheep to spinning the wool, waulking the wool, dying the fabric with homemade plant-based dyes, and so on.

I was surprised to see the children, until it occurred to me that "bringing the story to life" means we are going to see quite a lot of things that were going on in the background of the scenes we're so familiar with from the book, things that Claire would have seen and heard but perhaps not paid a lot of attention to, or small details that Diana didn't choose to focus on in the book. (Speaking of small details: is anyone else wondering why the young lads aren't wearing kilts?)

I'm relieved to see Angus Mhor looming over Claire, in the fourth photo, because I thought the actor who plays him, Stephen Walters, was much shorter than Angus is described in the books. He looks just right to me in that photo. <g> Grant O'Rourke, as Rupert (in the next-to-last photo), looks very much as I'd imagined him, including the beard. (How do I know for a fact who those men are? Because Diana said so, on Compuserve this afternoon.)

I like the close-up photo of the tent very much! I always find it helps a lot to see what these things looked like (that's why I started my Friday Fun Facts), but somehow I never pictured exactly what the tent poles of an 18th century tent might look like. <g> Now I'll have a mental image for all those other scenes involving tents, like the one J&C shared in DRAGONFLY before Prestonpans.

It's very exciting to see these photos from the set of OUTLANDER. I really can't wait until we see it on TV!

For more information about the OUTLANDER TV series, see my FAQ page here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful run-down. We also enjoyed the photos, especially of the children! This is getting more and more exciting :)

Melanie said...

I want to thank you as well. Your observations were so on spot. I saw the pics in a hurry today, but now, with your commentary, I can truly enjoy them.

Thanks for your great blog as well.


Chrissy said...

I think that babies and small children wore smocks...essentially dresses. Then they graduated to dresses for girls and pants, shirts and jackets for boys, just as pictured. Hence the saying, "when you wear a kilt you know you are a man". No?

Laura said...

Is that Grant O'Rourke? I didn't recognise him, he looks quite handsome in his profile photos!

Christiane said...

I was so thrilled to see the pics from the filming! Watched them over and over, can't get enough, it's so great to look at the details: costumes, actors, Cait of course PERFECT CLAIRE)and I love the pics with Hamish and all the children ! (I'm rereading An Echo actually and yesterday night I reread the part *SPOILER* where Ian meets Hamish as a Young man. Thankyou Karen for your comments and explanations. Christiane

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