Seven years!

It's my birthday today! I'm looking forward to a relaxing day, and dinner out with my parents this evening.

I always date my "OUTLANDER anniversary" from my birthday, because I originally bought OUTLANDER in 2006 with a gift card my mom had given me for my birthday. I've always thought it was very funny that I got addicted to Diana Gabaldon's books without spending a penny of my own money. <g> (The story of how I found OUTLANDER is here, if you haven't seen it before.)

Seven years ago, I picked up OUTLANDER in the bookstore, knowing nothing whatever about it in advance, and my life changed forever, in more ways than I can count. It's been an amazing, wonderful roller-coaster ride, and I'm glad I've been able to share it with so many of you.

Seven years. I have been thinking about that this week, remembering Jamie's seven years in the cave, and reflecting that even though seven years seems like a long time, it also passes in the blink of an eye.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Karen!

Mervis smycken/Sländan said...

Happy birthday!

Michelle said...

May you be blessed on your birthday! And thank you for your always interesting blog.

Cristina H said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Hannukkah!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Karen! Slàinte mhor!

Wow 7 years, I'd like to say I rescued Outlander but then I'd be lying because it rescued me :D Found it thrown out with a pile of books in the laundry on a camping trip back in 2008. Not a big fan of camping but discovering Outlander sure made it tolerable.

Until this day I still feel I don't deserve it because I didn't pay for it but 2/3 copies of each book now seems to make up for it.

Awfully sorry for dragging on!

Once again Happy Birthday and I hope you have a lovely day!! Thank you for all the wonderful posts.

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