Help celebrate World OUTLANDER Day!

A number of OUTLANDER blogs and fan-sites will be celebrating Sunday, June 1, 2014 as World OUTLANDER Day. Apparently this started with a German blogger (here), but the idea is catching on, and I wanted to mention it here in case the rest of you want to participate.

The idea is to celebrate All Things OUTLANDER, of course, and to say thank you to Diana Gabaldon for creating this amazing story. <g>

If you're on Twitter, please tag your tweets on June 1 with #WorldOutlanderDay. And this is a great opportunity to share your favorite OUTLANDER-related photos on Facebook and other social-media sites. I will definitely be participating, although I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do to mark the occasion.

Please help spread the word to any other OUTLANDER fans you may know! Thanks.


Astar Grant said...

I will be hiking in Scotland - channeling Jamie's hill walking skills (but not his stride) I hope. The West Highland Way is 96 miles from Milngavie "Mull-guy" north of Glasgow, along the east side of Loch Lomond and up to Fort William.

leaves on the Raney Tree said...

And I will be in the Highlands, too, though nearer to sky. We're in Inverness now and have made our sad pilgrimage to Culloden.

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