Update on the TV series

A few quick updates on the OUTLANDER TV series:

1) OUTLANDER is continuing to do very well in the ratings on STARZ. According to this site, more than 1 million viewers watched the premiere of Episode 103, "The Way Out", and the series is quickly becoming "appointment viewing" on Saturday nights.

2) New Zealand gets OUTLANDER starting August 28! The series will be shown on a new service called LightboxTV. For more information, look here.

PLEASE NOTE:  As I understand it, OUTLANDER episodes 101 - 103 should be available immediately on LightboxTV when the service launches on Thursday, and episode 104 will be available on Sunday.

3) Many of you will recall that Diana Gabaldon visited the set of OUTLANDER in February, 2014, and spent several days filming a cameo appearance on the show. That scene will be in the upcoming Episode 104, "The Gathering", premiering in the US on August 30. Diana says her part is very brief ("blink and you'll miss it", or words to that effect), but still, it will be fun to see her acting debut!

For more information about the OUTLANDER TV series, see my FAQ page here.

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Anonymous said...

Why are are the episodes numbered so weirdly?

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