Diana Gabaldon's comments about Episode 116

Diana Gabaldon posted THIS on Facebook today, trying to prepare us all for what's coming in the OUTLANDER season finale, Episode 116, "To Ransom a Man's Soul", which will air on STARZ on May 30th.

Among other things, she says:
And now, a brief P.S. to the hardcore book fans…

Put. The. Book. Down. Really, I mean it. If you watch this part with the book in your hand, expecting this, that, and the other thing…you _will_ be disappointed, I guarantee it.
I would really strongly encourage you to read the whole thing! Please pass the link along to anyone else you know who may be interested.


Susan H. said...

Thank you so much for the Diana Gabaldon link! I don't do Facebook and your blog is one of only two Outlander blogs I go to. I thoroughly enjoy, appreciate (and quite frankly admired) your dedication to this amazing book and t.v series. How much fun is this!?!
Susan H.

Anonymous said...

I don't Twitter and I am not on Facebook, but I do email and text people, because I feel more comfortable with it. Anyway, the acting for episode 116 was excellent as usual but I could not watch all of it. I turned off the sound to my TV and started doing some of my needlepoint and knitting. I could not watch Jamie being tortured by that BJR. Those scenes were too heavy for me. I finally started watching it again when BJR was no longer in the scenes. Sorry, but I can't watch people being mistreated whether in real life or on tv in a series. Diana, I must compliment you, your writing is superb.
Jeanie P.

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