OUTLANDER coloring book coming in October

And now for Something Completely Different....

An OUTLANDER coloring book (intended for adults) will be published by Penguin Random House later this year, "featuring 45 original black-and-white illustrations inspired by the characters, scenes, and other iconic imagery from Gabaldon's bestselling Outlander book series."

Diana Gabaldon is listed as the author, but I don't know what contribution, if any, she will be making to this book. (I'm sure they'll have a professional artist doing the drawings.)  If I find out more information, I'll update this post.

UPDATE 6/19/2015 7:27 pm: Here's Diana's response when I asked on Compuserve about how involved she's going to be in the project:
Dear Karen--

   They'll have _lots_ of artists doing it--5 to 8, they said; necessary in order to have the coloring book ready for release along with the OC II  (didn't know that's what they were aiming for, until they told me just now).

   I probably get approval of the images--along with all the RH [Random House] editorial/art people. <g>  But beyond giving them permission to do it, I theoretically have no particular involvement.


Some of you may have heard about this trend of coloring books for adults. Apparently they've become extremely popular, but I find the idea rather baffling, myself. I certainly don't mind if others enjoy coloring for fun or relaxation, but I haven't done that sort of coloring since I was maybe nine years old, and the idea just doesn't appeal to me, personally. <shrug> So I don't plan to purchase this OUTLANDER coloring book, though I'll probably glance at it in the bookstore, just to see what it is.

I don't think it's a coincidence that the coloring book will be published on October 27, 2015, the same day that the long-awaited OUTLANDISH COMPANION Volume II comes out.

What about the rest of you? Do you enjoy coloring? Would you buy this OUTLANDER coloring book? Feel free to leave a comment here or on my Outlandish Observations Facebook page.


Kate said...

I have several adult coloring books. They're lovely! The designs are very fanciful and are a dream to color. One is mostly florals, one is animals/florals, and the last one is cats! I haven't started the cat book yet, but the drawings are beautiful.

I use Prismacolor colored pencils. They're a tad expensive, but they're worth the money. I have a blending pencil as well which allows me to blend the edges between 2 or more colors. Very handy!

I've already got the Outlander Coloring Book pre-ordered. I'm just hoping that whomever the artist is, that they're very good at capturing people's faces. I'll be upset if the faces of Claire, Jamie, and everyone else don't at least resemble the real people.

slpeg said...

I agree with you, Karen. I don't understand the appeal, though using Prismacolor pencils would be much, much better than crayons .

Michelle said...

I recently discovered the world of adult coloring books, and have come to really appreciate this hobby. I color while I listen to Audible books; it gives my hands and eyes something to focus on while listening. These aren't kiddie books, they are not color by number. They do, as advertised, create a certain relaxation of mind. Doing something creative seems to wipe away stress. I use both colored pencils (I've got quite a collection for color variation)and fine and extra fine pens such as Sharpie and Bic--again, to get a wide variety of colors. I'll definitely take a look at the Outlander coloring book when it comes out. If it is not drawn better than the comic book versions that are available, I'll give it a pass.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, Back in the day when I was working in an office that was linked to another city we were constantly going offline at critical times while waiting for data. There was nothing to do but wait and often this was very stressful. We came up with the idea of coloring. No competition, no deadline and you can colour outside of the lines and use any colour you like!
I'll take a look and I might even purchase an Outlander coloring book. Bev

Sherrill said...

I have recently started coloring again (I'm in my 40's) - and I find it very relaxing and meditative. I will definitely pick this up along with OC II. I'm even more excited than some, since it comes out on my birthday!

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