What were Murtagh and Jamie saying in Gaelic?

Murtagh and Jamie


There are SPOILERS for OUTLANDER Episode 116 below! If you don't want to know yet, stop reading now.









Those of you who have seen OUTLANDER Episode 116, "To Ransom a Man's Soul", will remember the scene between Murtagh and Jamie at the Abbey.

It's clearly a very heated conversation, but they're speaking in Gaelic, and as with all the Gaelic in this show, it's presented without subtitles.

Many of us have been wondering what exactly Murtagh and Jamie were saying to each other. My friend Mandy Tidwell has posted a translation of the Gaelic in Episode 116 on her Great Scot Blog. I would really encourage you all to take a look at it!  The dialogue may surprise you.  I found it beautiful, heartfelt, and very moving.

I am hoping that they will include this scene (with English subtitles!) in the "extras" on the Blu-ray, or at least release a subtitled version on YouTube so that everyone can follow what Jamie and Murtagh are saying.  You can get some of it from their body language, tone of voice, etc., but the scene has much greater emotional impact if you know what the words mean.

Check out Mandy's translation here.


Unknown said...

Thank You for the interpretations, I can't get enough of Scottish history, language and Scotland since watching Outlander.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for link to the translation! I found your site searching for what Mutagh & Jamie were saying to each other in the Abbey!

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