Charity auction for a walk-on role in OUTLANDER!

Here's a chance for one very lucky fan to win a walk-on role in Season 2 of the OUTLANDER TV series!

CharityBuzz is auctioning off a walk-on role in an episode of OUTLANDER to be filmed in Scotland in January 2016. Proceeds go to a charity called the SeriousFun Children's Network, founded by Paul Newman.

Be sure to read the fine print (under "Additional lot details") if you're thinking about placing a bid. Among other things, it says, "Travel and accommodations are not included."

It's pretty expensive (current bid is $2,500), but it would be the experience of a lifetime for the lucky winner, I'm sure! Check it out here if you're interested. The auction ends on Tuesday, December 15, at 3pm Eastern Time.

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Anonymous said...

After at least five 10 minute time extentions, the Outlander S2 walk-on auction ended this afternoon at $47,000+. Congratulations to this bold and confident winner. This is such a unique experience, please enjoy every moment, truly.


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