Richard Rankin will play Roger Wakefield!

Exciting news today: we have our "Singing Thrush" at long last!! Richard Rankin has been cast as Roger Wakefield in the OUTLANDER TV series!

Do I mind that he doesn't have green eyes the way Roger does in the books? No, I do not. I think his eyes are gorgeous just the way they are. And he looks amazing in a kilt! <g>

Here's a brief video of Richard Rankin, so you can hear what he sounds like.

His Scottish accent is a little hard to understand, but I'm sure we'll get used to it in no time. Check out his showreel for some examples of his acting.

And yes, he sings!! He has a lovely tenor voice (listen to a sample here) and I'm sure he'll be terrific singing on the show.

You can follow him on Twitter at @RikRankin.

PLEASE NOTE: As of right now we still have no news about the casting of Brianna. I promise I'll post here as soon as I hear anything.


The Rank and File - Official Fans of Richard Rankin said...

One look at his showreel and you will see why Richard will make the perfect Roger Mac!

Tina said...

My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw this, thank you. Great blog! It's like they looked in my head and picked Roger, but better. I can't believe he is the guy from 'The Crimson Field.' Now the big question is, will they keep him bearded, or clean-shaven?!
Excuse me while I go hyperventilate into a paper bag now!

Susan H. said...

Hotdog!! Richard Rankin will be a fantastic Roger. I watched 6 hours of The Crimson Field this summer primarily because of his performance. He has wonderful large expressive eyes and knows how to use them...much like Sam. Couldn't be happier.

Susanlynn ♥ said...

Whee.. Patience paid off again. Casting has done such an outstanding job on this show. Just as I pictured Wee Roger Mac in my mind's eye. What beautiful, soulful eyes., I can't wait to see him with long hair. Now, I must watch some of his performances.

Louiseruleauthor said...

His eye colour is made a lot of in the books, following through go from Geilis Duncan, so for me it matters, although, of course he can wear contacts. He has the looks of the perfect Roger Mac, and I'm really excited that he has been cast.

leaves on the Raney Tree said...

But, can he sing?

Karen Henry said...

YES, he can sing!!


Lexi Stepps said...

Yes but so is Claire's and they didn't bother changing HER eye color. It's always bothered me that they couldn't be bothered to put freaking contacts in her eyes to make the book match lol

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