Premiere week event guide

One more week until OUTLANDER Season 2 premieres on STARZ!

A few highlights from the upcoming week:
  • STARZ is running a Season 1 marathon this weekend (April 2 and 3) from 2pm - 10pm, showing all 16 episodes.
  • The official Season 2 premiere will take place on Monday, April 4th, in New York City.  The red carpet will be live streamed on Facebook. Look here for details.
  • The panel discussion, "From Scotland To Paris:  The Season Two Journey of Outlander" will be live streamed at on Tuesday, April 5th, starting at 7:30 pm ET.
  • Diana Gabaldon will be doing a live chat with USA Today on Thursday, April 7, at 7 pm ET.
  • Sam Heughan will be Grand Marshal of the annual Tartan Day Parade in NYC on Saturday, April 9.
Obviously there's going to be a tremendous amount of media attention focused on OUTLANDER in the next few days, including interviews with Sam and Cait and articles in various print and online sources. I'm not even going to try to keep up with it all! But if you're interested in that sort of thing, I would suggest following @OutlanderTVNews and @Heughligans on Twitter for the latest updates.

I will certainly watch the live stream of Tuesday's panel discussion (those are always entertaining!), but otherwise I plan to take it easy as much as possible in the next few days, resting up in advance of the "Great Thread Explosion of 2016" (aka the Season 2 episode discussions) on the Compuserve Books and Writers Community, which is going to take up an immense amount of my time and energy over the next several months.

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Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen , I live in NYC, so I'll probably see seeing the Tartan Parade and some of the TV Appearances and the premiere this week , plus will be watching some of season 1 on Starz this weekend , plus have my new TV Guide with "Outlander " on the cover , plus will keep my eye out for other things , this week will be very exciting and am looking forward to it all including Next Saturday Night, please post more soon, Love your Blog. Happy Weekend. Sincerely Yours. Mary Tormey.

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