What scenes are you most looking forward to in Season 3?

What scenes from VOYAGER are you most looking forward to seeing in OUTLANDER Season 3, and why?

* * * SPOILER WARNING!! * * *

If you haven't read Diana Gabaldon's VOYAGER, Book 3 of the OUTLANDER series, there are spoilers below! If you don't want to know yet, stop reading now.

Here are a few of my personal favorites that I would love to see on screen:
  • The reunion scenes (of course!)
  • Turtle soup
  • The "daddy" scene and its aftermath
  • Any and all scenes involving Young Ian
  • Fergus losing his hand
  • Jamie's encounter with Geneva
  • The big argument between Frank and Claire on the night he died
What about the rest of you?


sylvanaire said...

1. The reunion/print shop scene, hope they really do t justice. Also, within that scene, Claire showing Jaime polaroids of Brianna as a child. So touching.

2. Young Ian

3. Fergus

4. Claire meeting LJG on the plague ship

5. Confrontation between Jamie/Claire & Lerry. Plus Jenny's coldness to Claire.

6. Geilles at Her plantation in Jaimaca/her death in the cave.

7. Can I just say all of it? It's my favorite book & this list is getting long, lol!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the Print Shop scene and the sharing of the photos!

I also would like to see this season focus on Jamie. I believe the first two seasons were written for Claire and Black Jack.

Erin said...

Definitely the print shop scene. Plus Bree and roger falling in love before they go thru the stones and of course anything with Young Ian.

Anonymous said...

The print shop scene and photos
Jaimie in tree watching baby William
Young Ian
Claire finding out Jamie married to Leery
Jamie and penicillin shots ( for humor )
Fergus and Marsalie married by drunk priest (again for humor
Bree's voice coming through
Geilles and cave scene
New World

Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen Jamie & Claire's reunion , Claire finding out Jamie married Leery, Jamie and Penicillian shots, Fergus and Marsali married by drunk priest, Bree's voice , Geillis and cave scene and New World. Plus the Printshop reunion scene and photos , Jamie in tree watching baby William ad the first appearance of Young Ian , please post more soon, Happy Week.

Anonymous said...

Most definitely the print shop scene.

A bit more of Frank and Claire's relationship upon her return.

I'm very interested in seeing who they choose to play the adult Fergus, I loved Romann is the young Fergus.

And Geillis - she was an interesting character from the get go, and I loved that they ran into her in Voyager.

Unknown said...

All of the above scenes plus when Claire comes back to Lallybroch to take care of Jamie after being shot. Penicillin shots will be funny but the exchanges between the two will be something to look forward to. The fight in the room after Claire finds out about Leery will be something I can't wait to see. It will be interesting to see Jenny in action during all of this.
Sue F.

Anonymous said...

I want to also see the scenes between Jamie and Claire in the brothel, when they discuss why she came back and what each is expecting. Those are critical to their relationship in the future.

Stephbo said...

The voodoo/crocodile headdress scene

Unknown said...

Hello Karen!
I look forward to see all the scenes on the ships and the separation between Jamie and Claire again PLUS
Cap. Alessandro! hahahahaha

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