Save Duncan Innes! (SPOILERS)


If you haven't yet seen Episode 303 ("All Debts Paid"), there is a Major Spoiler below!









There's been a lot of speculation over the past few months among fans of the OUTLANDER TV series that Murtagh might assume Duncan Innes' role in the show, especially as we move into future seasons. Now that we know for sure that Murtagh (in the TV show) is not only alive, but when last seen was headed for the Colonies, the clamoring among the fans for Murtagh to replace Duncan Innes seems to be getting louder and more insistent by the day.

No offense to the people who love this idea, but the more people who pile on the "who needs Duncan Innes when we have MURTAGH!!!!" bandwagon, the more protective I feel of Mr. Innes, who appears to be in serious danger of being obliterated from the story, through no fault of his own. (What did he ever do to all those fans who seem so eager to get rid of him?)

Duncan is an important character in his own right, in the books, and he plays a significant role in the story, especially in FIERY CROSS and ABOSAA. I don't like the idea that many fans seem to have no qualms at all about replacing him with Murtagh.

I've been thinking that we need a #SaveDuncanInnes campaign!

Being a shy and modest man by nature, of course Duncan won't speak up for himself <g>, so I think the book-fans will have to do it for him.

If the rumor that Murtagh replaces Duncan Innes turns out to be true (and so far it's only a rumor, as far as I know), I'll live with it. But I don't have to like it.

What do the rest of you think?


Jenny said...

Adaptation,adaptation adaptation.....I hate when they rewrite " my books". I will live with however they play around with the storyline but, I don't have to be happy. Hear hear for Duncan Innes!

Unknown said...

I like Duncan, but I like Murtagh more. In my mind, it makes sense to not introduce Duncan to the TV show if Murtagh is still around.

If Murtagh does not take Duncan's place, then what need will Jamie have for Arch Bug if Murtagh is at the Ridge?

I am now very much looking forward to Murtagh meeting Bree!!!

Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen this is one of the many reasons why I love the books more than the series even thought it's one of the best acted shows around today , you don't have to worry about anybody playing around with characters or plot line , its in black and write and nothing will change that , I hope in future seasons the major parts of the later books are left alone and so I say leave Duncan Ines in the next few seasons . please post more soon. Happy Week. Sincerely

suellen said...

I'm with you Karen, I don't understand why there is this movement to have this significant change in the story. I do like the actor who plays Murtagh but this changes the story line too much. I do understand there needs to be some adaptation and character loss but this is going way off track. I think that most who are calling for the change are those who have only seen the series but I know there are some who have read the books. Maybe Murtagh will be Gavin Hayes ( I really don't see that happening as that would be too traumatic for Jamie). So long live Duncan Innes and young Ian also.


Lainiejay said...

I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm in the middle of a re-read of the books. I'll keep this in mind as I read the books you mentioned. At this point, I'm just so happy Murtagh is alive.

kkilgrow said...

Karen, It seems that your Duncan Innes campaign will
fall on deaf ears. The consensus around the internet is the book is the book and the series is the series so the book characters go hang. I agree that Innes would be an interesting and endearing personality as would many of the other prisoners to whom had good or bad relationships with Jamie at Ardsmuir prison.

Elizabeth D. Simpson said...

I would love to have both. I feel the idea may have come about because with this change from the books you think,"Ok, now we have Murtagh, but what are we going to do with him? How is he going to fit into the rest of the story?" And people think of Duncan Innes. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with Murtagh from here on out.

JoyfulOne said...

I love the idea of Murtagh replacing Duncan Innes, but a co-worker is very upset about it. I have no ill feelings for Duncan. I think he is a great character in the books. I think the best part of adapting these books is the conversations it starts. And fans being able to have great discussions about it with each other.

Sara said...

I don't read the forums or much of the discussion anywhere, but I've been wondering why they saved Murtagh. I thought he would be the dying man to give Jamie the news about the gold and the White Lady, but no. I love Duncan, too, but Murtagh can't marry Jocasta, can he? Wouldn't they be too closely related? (I have no doubt that you're quite capable of remembering how they're related in a moment; I would need to research it!)

I can't imagine they would replace Gavin Hayes with Murtagh. That would be a heartbreaker for everyone!

B said...

One of the things I love about this books series are all the awesome characters. We love Claire and Jaime of course but I have a hard time choosing my fave character past the main duo. Wait, no I don't. It's definitely Young Ian.

My point is that the books have time to flesh out characters but I think it has to be a challenge to figure out how to introduce all the new characters in the coming books! This change makes sense and the show doesn't have to spend time build up another trusty/loyal father figure for Jaime. (Especially since the series Murtagh was SO popular.)

Also, Murtagh loved Jaime's mother Ellen right? So it would actually be SUPER interesting if he ended marrying Jocasta, Ellen's sister....!!!

Anonymous said...

I really don't mind if Duncan Innes is left out of the TV series as I have never found him convincing or even particularly necessary in the books. SPOILER

I find his relationship with Jocasta's slave hard to believe. I would not like too see Murtagh replace him as I consider him, like Jamie, to be too honourable to carry out the deceit that Duncan does.

Unknown said...

I completely agree. I thought it was odd that they saved Murtagh, as much as I do love his character and the actor, and I don't see the point. I also think that Murtagh being gone took away someone from Jamie that he had to bounce different things off of and give him important advice. With him remaining in the picture, it just seems weird. Also the whole Jocasta thing that a couple of other people have mentioned sounds unbelievable to me.

Anonymous said...

It is not that we dislike Duncan it's rather that we adore Murtagh

Truckee Gal said...

Let's keep Duncan Innes AND Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser, who went to the Colonies as an indentured servant. He may not be freed until a few years after Jamie & Claire arrive. So perhaps he could replace Arch Bug and maybe, just maybe, a lonesome Murtagh married a widowed Scotswoman, who reminded him of Ellen and she is a fine cook!

Anonymous said...

Murtagh could never replace Arch Bug, given the SPOILER, treacherous actions of both Bugs in the later books, in particular Arch Bug's behaviour towards young Ian. Murtagh would never act in that way towards Jamie or his family. The whole concept of major parts of the later books would have to be changed for that to work.

Karen said...

I can accept the adaptation argument. The books have a LOT of characters. And that's fine in a book. It makes sense in the series to consolidate... I can easily see Murtagh taking the place of Duncan Innes' character. Jamie had Duncan join him on the ship because he could trust him as a fellow prisoner at Ardsmuir and because he took pity on him as a one armed man. Where is the series going to find a one armed actor? And why introduce another character/father figure to Jamie? It's logical that Murtagh would end up marrying Jocasta (his long gone, but not forgotten love's sister). And in spite of the Phaedre situation, Jocasta does ride off to Canada with her husband, which I could see Murtagh doing.

Unknown said...

Momma always said . "if it's not broke , don't fix it".. Duncan is vital to Jamie and Clair as they make their way to Cross Creek.I feel it would be wrong to discredit his importance. It was Duncan who brought all the ex prisoners to Frasier's Ridge. Let them bring Murtagh in as a separate character. It will be great to see him again and Jamie will have great need of him for the upcoming battles .. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of Murtagh showing up to settle on the ridge, then helping Jocasta as much as possible due to his love for her sister. LJG spells out how the slaves at River Run could be freed be selling to him then him freeing them in Virginia- much less hassle for the slaves), and I could see Murtaugh convincing Jocasta this is the way to in the following season for reasons I won't give away on this thread.

Innes could still play a role - perhaps Murtagh's agent.

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