OUTLANDER composer Bear McCreary talks about the music of Season 4

OUTLANDER composer Bear McCreary's latest blog post is all about the music of OUTLANDER Season 4. I found it very interesting, and I think many of you will, too! (There are spoilers in his post if you haven't watched all of the Season 4 episodes.)

Please note that we still do not have information on when the Season 4 soundtrack will be available for pre-order (Bear says at the end of the article that he is still working on the soundtrack), but I'll post here as soon as I hear anything.

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Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen , love Bear's music for the season 4 and the others as well , I HAVE all three soundtracks and all three have an identity of their own so love what he did with the music for season 4 and he putts a lot of thought ad time into every episode and can't wait to add the soundtrack for season 4 to my CD collection please post more soon. Happy Weekend. Loving Outlander., Sincerely .

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