RIP, Diana's dachshund JJ

JJ the dachshund

Sad news to start off the year. Diana Gabaldon's beloved dachshund, JJ, has died. From her Facebook page:
I'm sorry that I have to begin the year myself with bad news; my lovely dog JJ died this afternoon (complications from a freak accident he suffered two weeks ago) and we buried him next to my garden, where he loved to hunt rabbits and toads with his brother, Homer.

Homer is bereft and so are we.

JJ and Homer were litter-mates, part of Diana's family since 2009.


Unknown said...

I'm so terribly sorry. I know how much that hurts. My thoughts are with you and your family.

V said...

So sorry for your loss. Sending healing prayers!

Mary Tormey said...

Hi Diana , I' m so sorry to hear this and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family , I lost my cat , who was a big part of my family for a very long time and so I know the pain you are in so many prayers wil be sent to you , God Bless , please post more soon. Sincerely .

❤Susanlynn ❤ said...

Dear Diana, So sorry for the loss of your dear pet.

Unknown said...

I just found this forum, so my apologies for the tardiness of my condolences. Just over a year ago, we lost my elder granddog, Darwin, to IVDD. My heart goes out to you and yours, they are so much a part of your life. Fingers crossed that our younger granddog, Bailey, does not have the same problem.

Thank you for SO much for so many wonderful hours lost in your world!

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