Update on BEES pre-orders from the Poisoned Pen

If you pre-ordered a signed copy of GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE from the Poisoned Pen bookstore in Arizona, please take the time to read this important update from the Poisoned Pen.

In particular, please note that last item:

5. I preordered a signed copy to be shipped. Can I get an estimate on when it might be delivered?

Realistically, we hope to ship out the first 8000 orders before Christmas.  These would be orders dating from 2020 and before.  All orders placed in 2021 will likely be delivered in January, 2022. 

I'm sure some of you will be disappointed to hear this, but please keep in mind that the Poisoned Pen is an independent bookstore with a relatively small staff (nowhere near the size of Amazon or B&N!), and there is a limit to the number of books they can physically ship out per day.

They're working as hard as they can to get the books shipped out as quickly as possible, but given the sheer number of books, and the fact that they're being shipped out in the middle of the holiday season, clearly it's going to take a while!

Diana Gabaldon has already signed at least 17,000 copies of BEES for the Poisoned Pen, and she will sign more in the coming days.

If you really want (or need!) to be able to read the book the minute it's available on Tuesday, my suggestion is to get the e-book.  Here are the pre-order links for the US and Canada:


The audiobook will also be available to download from Audible on Tuesday, for those of you who prefer that option.

For more information about BEES, see my Book 9 FAQ page HERE.


Anonymous said...

When I called last week to order a second copy for a gift they told me the store had over 30,000 orders as of then! Kudos to Herself!

Karen Henry said...

Wow, that's amazing!!


Dee Devine said...

I hope there are plenty of ice packs, hand massages, and a brace for those poor fingers of our amazing author! I am happy to have ordered a signed copy, but—-as a back up (and because I cannot wait to read Bees), lol—my Kindle order has also been placed. My thanks also go put to the folks who are working hard to get these gazillion books out to us all! Happy Holidays 🎄🐝🎄

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I can wait. Luckily I’ve preordered the audio version from Apple Books. I’m so excited to start listening.

Terry S Hewlett said...

I appreciate that you are a small business. Thank you!! Did I say that I APPRECIATE you?! I have always gotten good service, and WHY would I want to go somewhere that SHE does not go??!! Y'all have a blessed day, and keep those boxes rolling!!

Unknown said...

I have been a customer of the Poison Pen for several years and the service is always amazing! I ordered my copies of "Tell the Bees....." back in 2019 and have had the shop in contact with me to validate all the information feom that long ago. So happy to support Diana Gabaldon and the Poison Pen. I tell everyone here in PA thats where I prefer to purchase books. Keep up the good work all of you!

Unknown said...

Cuando sale en castellano?

Anonymous said...

I ordered 2 copies 12/06/20. Since I may not receive tomorrow I reserved a copy at local Barnes and Noble for pickup tomorrow. If my signed one comes soon it can be donated to the local library!

Anonymous said...

My daughters gave me the entire hardbound set of Outlander books as a combo. birthday and Christmas present, ordered from P. Pen in August. All have arrived, signed by Herself, in perfect condition, beautifully wrapped. They had to come in 3 different mailings due to backorder and the 25th Ann. of Dragonfly. Wonderful follow through with the young man who took my order by telephone. I won't get my Bees until January, but that is OK. The anticipation is worth the wait. ALSO, to be honest, I have already read all the other books, paperback, and want these for permanent display and keepsakes. THANK YOU, Poisoned Pen, Kudos for all your hard work and taking good care of us!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I have purchased the Outlander books as well as a couple of others, and the service is impeccable! The staff is alway so pleasant, helpful and informative. Thank you Poisoned Pen for doing such a spectacular job!

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