No new episode of OUTLANDER on April 17

OUTLANDER Season 6 key art

Heads up for fans of the OUTLANDER TV show: According to the schedule on, there will NOT be a new episode next Sunday, April 17, when many viewers will be celebrating Easter with their families.

Episode 607, "Sticks and Stones", will air the following week instead, on Sunday, April 24.

STARZ schedule Episode 607

If you plan to watch that episode on STARZ, rather than through the app or On Demand, please note the start time of Episode 607, which is listed as 9:04 PM EST, not 9:00 PM.

For those of you who don't remember, STARZ has done this sort of thing before. For example, they took a similar break between Episodes 305 and 306, to build up the hype for Jamie and Claire's reunion.

I figured I would post this announcement now so people are not caught off guard by the slight hiatus. Please help spread the word to anyone else you know who may be interested. Thanks!


MG said...

Wow. Droughtlander was so very, very long That was an ongoing disappointment. Only 8 episodes is also disappointing. I anxiously waited for midnight to see the next episode, only to be disappointed again! My whole family would've enjoyed watching together on Easter Sunday. Another disappointment. And, while I'm able to comment, I'm also wondering what happened to the after episodes short conversations between the producers giving behind the scenes info & insight on the preceding episode just shown. said...

So disappointing...all had planned to watch together..

MG said...

Oh well. There's a new series premiering on Showtime called, "The First Lady". I think it's at 9pm DST. I think we might watch that.

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