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A schedule for Diana Gabaldon's upcoming ECHO book-tour has been posted on the web site of Random House, Diana's U.S. publisher. Thanks very much to Julie (operarose) at Compuserve for letting me know about this!

Now, before any of you get too excited, frustrated, disappointed, or whatever, I think we should all keep in mind what Diana has said before about:

a) How they choose where to send her (look here for the explanation on her web site)

b) These book-tour itineraries being prone to last-minute changes

c) What book-touring is actually like, from the author's point of view (if you haven't seen it already, read through Diana's very long explanation on Compuserve, here (scroll down to message # 140))

As for myself: I'm disappointed that it appears she won't be coming to North Carolina, but I am going to try to make it to one of the locations nearby. The logistics are complicated, but I'll try to work something out.

Finally, I wanted to pass along a comment that Diana made on Compuserve this week in response to someone's concern about obtaining a number (i.e., a place in line) for one of these book-signings:
Fwiw, y'all don't need to worry about getting a number--just about how low a number you can get. <g> I.e., I've never yet had to leave a signing without getting everyone's book signed, and I don't plan to.
For people like me who have not attended one of these events before, that's reassuring, and I told her so. I think comments like this demonstrate the concern Diana has for her fans. She is really a classy lady, very generous with her time, and amazingly patient and responsive to questions.

And by the way, as of yesterday Diana was STILL writing the last few pages of ECHO. Less than 5000 words to go, or so she says. So it appears the end is in sight, finally.

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