June poll results

June Poll Results

Here are the results of the June poll:

Do you read excerpts from Diana Gabaldon's upcoming books?

  • 59.4% - Absolutely! I will gladly devour any excerpt I can get my eyeballs on.
  • 15.2% - No, I would rather wait and see those bits of the story in their proper context, when the book comes out.
  • 10.9% - I read the ones Diana posts on her web site and/or blog, but that's all.
  • 10.1% - I used to read them, but I don't anymore.
  • 0.7% - I read excerpts, but only for certain books.
  • 0.7% - I read excerpts, but only the shorter ones that are not posted as attachments.
  • 1.5% - What excerpts? Where can I find them?
  • 1.5% - Other
There were a total of 138 votes in this month's poll. Thanks to everyone who participated! As usual, I didn't vote in the poll myself, but if I had, I would have gone with "I read excerpts, but only for certain books." I have been avoiding excerpts from ECHO for about a year and a half now, but I will gladly read excerpts from anything else. <g> And if you are one of the people who chose the "What excerpts? Where can I find them?" option, look here. New Poll for July The July poll is about your favorite female characters from the books. There are so many strong-willed, self-confident, memorable women in these books, I thought it would be interesting to see what you think. Please take a moment to vote in the poll, and leave a comment, if you want to explain your choice. Diana's Latest Blog Entry at Panalba Diana has posted a new blog entry at www.panalba.com. (You have to sign up to view the articles, but it's free.) This one is about how she discovered an unexpected Celtic link in her own ancestry.


Anonymous said...

My other vote is for the white sow, an alpha female to the max!

Karen Henry said...

Oh, that's a great point! <laughing>


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