Thursday Thirteen

Thursday 13 Books

13 questions I'd like to see answered in ECHO:

1) Who is Laoghaire's "mystery lover", mentioned in Jenny's letter to Jamie in FIERY CROSS?

2) Will William find out who his real father is, and what will he do if and when he does find out?

3) Will Roger stick with his decision to become a minister, now that he's back in the 20th century?

4) What psychological effects will Claire's experiences in ABOSAA have on her in the long-term?

5) In general, how have all the major characters changed since the last book? (Because one of the most striking things about Diana's writing is that these characters do change, and evolve, from one book to the next.)

6) How will the date on the newspaper clipping (February 13, 1776) be explained? Is it just another printer error, saying 1776 when it should have been 1777?

7) How is Jemmy adjusting to life in the 20th century?

8) Will Roger sing again?

9) What happened to Mary and Alex Randall's child?

10) Will Ian find some personal happiness? He seemed so lonely in ABOSAA, I'd like to see things get better for him.

11) Will Lord John decide to abandon his property in Virginia? It can't be easy for him to remain there, as a Loyalist, with the Revolution heating up.

12) Will Jamie remember any more about what happened at Culloden with Jack Randall?

13) What else is in those mysterious boxes -- Jemmy's box, and also the boxes in the garage in the Manse, and the ones Brianna left?

What about the rest of you? Is there anything in particular that you're really interested in finding out in ECHO?

*** Please Note ****

I don't read excerpts from ECHO. So if you happen to know the answers to any of my questions above, please don't tell me! I really don't want to know what happens until the book comes out. (Speculation is fine, of course. <g>) Thanks for your cooperation.


ibeeeg said...

Great list.
I have not thought much about what I want to see happen. I have approached each book with a clean slate in mind...meaning...I look forward to see what Diana Gabaldon is going to give us the readers.

However, I would like to know about the following in your list.
1 (not so much the who but wanting Jamie to get over his territorial feeling...ugh! Claire deserves better than those thoughts.)

Mitzi H. said...

I would like to know where the gold is?

Mitzi H. said...

These are questions I have wanted answered from the TFC and hope get answered in Echo.

I would like to find out what rock William Buccleigh MacKenzie is hiding under?

And will Buc suffer anything for what he did to Roger? gads, I sure hope so!!!

And who is the mysterious John McQuiston and what (if anything) does Buc have to do with him?

Karen Henry said...


I agree, I would love to find out what happened to William Buccleigh MacKenzie. And to see some sort of confrontation between him and Jamie. If not in this book, maybe in the next one?


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