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I had an email this week from Will Hanisko at the Poisoned Pen bookstore in Scottsdale, Arizona (Diana Gabaldon's home town). For those of you who don't know, the Poisoned Pen is the local independent bookstore that ships autographed copies of all of Diana's books (in any format) to fans around the world.
Hi Karen,

I wanted to pass along a little known fact about The Poisoned Pen...we take orders in advance for Diana's latest book "An Echo in the Bone" and have been for several months now.

All thanks to Diana for making the effort to consistently stop into our store and sign all the books, and generate revenue for an independent.

If you would be willing might you pass this information along to your readers?

We have stood by the policy that all books signed on site sell for the same as the cover price. So, to get a signed, first-edition copy of Echo in the Bone, it's only $30 plus the shipping (which is around $7-9)

We take orders by email, and over the phone 480.947.2974.

Thank you,

Will Hanisko

Please note: I am not affiliated with the Poisoned Pen bookstore in any way! Just helping to spread the word to other OUTLANDER fans. But speaking from my own personal experience, I think the Poisoned Pen does a great job. I ordered a set of autographed OUTLANDER hardcovers from them in January 2008, and the staff seemed very helpful and knowledgeable about Diana's books.

In addition to ECHO, of course, you can order any of Diana's previous books through the Poisoned Pen. (Including hardcover editions, as Diana explained to me on Compuserve in December 2007.)

The online site is here. Also, Will didn't mention it in his email, but the toll-free number for the Poisoned Pen is 1-888-560-9919 (according to their web site).

I think this is a great opportunity for those of you who live in places that Diana is unlikely to visit on her upcoming book-tour. While she is always happy to sign books for people who attend her public appearances, not all of us are fortunate enough to get to meet her in person. (And in case you're wondering, no, Diana and I have never met in person! We're unlikely to do so anytime soon, either -- unless her ECHO book-tour brings her to North Carolina -- because I don't travel a great deal.)

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